MY FIRST ETSY PURCHASE (AKA just in the nick of time!)

Keeping this Halloween post short and sweet… My first Etsy purchase arrived two days ago (yes, I am an Etsy baby)! It’s something I have strangely coveted since seeing it on Pinterest this time last year, hence putting its purchase on my Project Pinterest to-do list. I was already starting to get “clucky” back then […]

CUPCAKE FOR CHARITY, PART 2 (AKA changing the world DIY style)

I am so touched and happy to see, via this blog and the private messages I have been sent, that sharing my story (about my experiences with SCH/high risk pregnancy and giving to charitable causes to honour my unborn baby’s life) was a good decision. I thought I’d post an update for those who are […]

PREGNANCY-RELATED INFORMATION (AKA what to read when you’re expecting)

There are two pregnancy-related books I have owned since 2008. They were ordered around the exact period that we started actively TTC* in the mistaken belief, it turns out, that we’d be needing them “soon”. One was a pregnancy journal that I found online (The Belly Book) and the other was Your Pregnancy Bible, with […]

PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 3 (The Big Fat Pregnancy Edition)

After last week’s veritable baking frenzy I have decided to step away from the sugar packet and focus more on all things pregnancy-related. I have been pleasantly surprised thus far at how easy it is to be motivated by my weekly Project Pinterest boards and how simply having a visual cues (in the form of […]

NORTH AFRICAN SQUASH & CHICKPEA STEW (AKA … and now for the healthy stuff!)

If you’ve read my last couple of posts, you need not wonder why I wanted to get stuck into some wholesome, healthy vegan food today! Not only did my husband and I prepare this River Cottage-inspired recipe for dinner, but for lunch we revisited an old family favourite- Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup. Operation Compensation […]


On any given day I am partial to baking, but I simply can’t resist the opportunity when the occasion actually calls for it. An open, English-speaking babies play group here hosts a casual Halloween party each year and parents are asked to bring snacks for sharing. Last year I made chocolate spiderweb cookies, this year […]


Due to my diagnosis, I have been unable to participate in the day-to-day running around with L to nursery school and so on, let alone to enjoy some of the more momentous occasions of the past few months, such as his first day there. So, as you can well imagine, I was ecstatic to hear […]

DIY AUTUMN DECORATIONS (AKA a fun, free and eco-friendly activity to share with the kids)

It was a not-so-picturesque autumn day, but Project Pinterest (the Halloween Edition) was in full-effect! Braving the elements, we headed outside to collect autumn leaves and acorns to create some seasonal decorations for the home; specifically a leaf garland and an autumnal table centerpiece (see DIY instructions at end of post). My 19-month-old, L, loves being […]

HOT CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE (AKA the easiest, fastest cake in the universe!)

If you’ve ever come across a recipe for a “mug cake” and wondered if they really are too good to be true, wonder no more! Mug cakes are fabulous, fast, so easy you’ll be able to commit the recipe to memory and, most importantly for dessert lovers, utterly delicious! I promise you that a quicker, […]

PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 2 (AKA The Halloween Edition)

I am really satisfied with the results from Project Pinterest ,Week 1 and, as I am starting to go into nesting overdrive, I can’t wait to get stuck into this week’s assignments! On the list for Project Pinterest, Week 2: • To continue crocheting an amigurumi dragon for Cupcake and a bunny for L (it’s a labour […]