2018: HERE’S TO A GOOD YEAR! (my annual visualisation mood board)

Despite feeling too tired to write coherently just now, my annual New Year’s ritual (which also includes meditation) would not be complete without the creation and sharing of a vision board. 2017 was a huge year in every way for us; big overseas trips, massive personal and professional changes, great new opportunities. If I’d ever doubted the efficacy of vision boards (which I haven’t), this year would have made me believe. At the same time I have felt very pressured to say yes, to push myself beyond the limits of what I know is sustainable or to find a place of stillness in amongst all of it.

This coming year I want things to be different. I don’t just want the “happenings”. I certainly don’t want “stuff”. I want space to breathe, to be, to create, enjoy and go with the flow. So this year’s vision board doesn’t feature images. Rather, I used a colour picker to select a random group of colours from a photograph (one that I took of Lillian on the beach eating watermelon on a happy day). Unlike its predecessors, this year’s board is simply this; no images, no “plan”, just intention infused with happiness:


Do you set intentions on New Year’s Eve? Or reflect on the year that has been?

Wishing you a peaceful and truly Happy 2018. Here’s to a year that is kind… and one that feels good.

❤ Marisa x

PS I used the typeface Futura. Apt, no? 😀



Just in case you’re interested, my previous mood boards:


11 thoughts on “2018: HERE’S TO A GOOD YEAR! (my annual visualisation mood board)

  1. Absolutely beautiful Miss M. I choose a word each year and this year it is Clarity. Clarity of thought, brilliance, consciousness, vitality and worthiness. And to remember with cleat intention, you become all that you desire. Wishing you and yours a blessed and clear vision for 2018.

  2. A very smart way to approach a new year – especially with children! Whatever you do I know it will be wonderful, successful, and bring you much joy. Happy New Year!

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