HAPPY NEW YEAR! (+ some last-minute ideas to kick-start a fabulous 2014!)

Here I sit, in the warm summery town that I called home for many years, and contemplate the fact that in one hour and 2 minutes my fellow countrymen and women will be some of the first people on this planet to ring in the new year.

I have just completed my visualisation mood board for 2014. The one I made this time last year was so successful that, despite any challenges that we faced during 2013, when I look at it now I can honestly say to myself “Yep, this is pretty much how 2013 **felt** for me!”.

Visualisation works. It REALLY does.

So I absolutely had to create a mood board for the coming year too. And here it is…MissMarzipan_visualisation_mood_board_nye_2013-14 To copy and paste from my own NYE post last year (as I am running out of time to do the short run/yoga/meditation session that I want to symbolically do tonight before a glass of alcohol-free bubbly), “… mood boards such as this help aid/affirm powerful intention, increase motivation and evoke feelings of positivity. You can easily create your own using a page layout program such as InDesign, make one using magazine images and ye olde cut-and-paste method or, if really pressed for time, why not create a Pinterest board called “2014″ and cram it with pins of the things you’d like to fill your life with this coming year?”

And speaking of Pinterest, did anyone see the lovely gratitude jar idea that was all over Pinterest (and possibly your Facebook newsfeed) this time last year? Well, we tried that too! The only thing was that I was almost quadrupling-up on my writing. I religiously, obsessively keep various journals already… and not a day goes by that I write where I do not note things to be grateful for. So we did it for only a month. But the jar filled up very quickly nonetheless! IMG_2212 Here’s to 2014! And here’s to all your dreams for the year coming true! I plan to embrace the words of Kobi Yamada; “She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.” xx, Miss Marzipan

45 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR! (+ some last-minute ideas to kick-start a fabulous 2014!)

  1. Happy New Year, Thank you for your amazing posts! Love following your blog – you create and share beauty!

    “And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”
    ― Rainer Maria Rilke

  2. There is something so amazingly light and joyous about your spirit! I always love reading you posts and this one made me feel like they always do: uplifted, postivive and full of positive energy. Such a beautiful idea: a mood board to visualize your year. But even more than that I love the idea of a gratitude jar! Wishing all that is good and beautiful for 2014!

  3. I actually hadn’t seen that yet on Pinterest. Surprisingly because I’m on there enough 😀 I would thing that it will fill up quickly too. I was given an ‘Awesome’ Journal by my friend Alys and it is a bit the same. When I think something is awesome I right in the Journal. Happy New Year !

    • Hi Rhonda! Still in Australia visiting family… so much has been happening (all good, thank you!) since Christmas I haven’t been around WP at all, I am afraid. But I have missed it! And I’ve missed all the great posts (including yours), so I am going to try to jump on more often xx

    • Hi Rhonda! I am home soon and will be back online very regularly as soon as I am (and as soon as my silly computer is fixed… again!) All is well, but I do miss WP and everyone! Hoping life is treating you kindly! Looking forward to catching up on all the posts I have missed! xx

  4. So nice to see you drop by to “like” one of my posts – missing your blogging, but I am certain you are doing great things with your time! Big hug!

  5. Hey Miss M!! How are you? Thank you for the like on my post, and I can’t wait for more of yours to read and like right back!!! In the meantime I’ll just have to satisfy myself by repinning some of your pins 😉 x

    • Hi lovely! I am going well, thanks! Took a far longer break from WP than intended, but we were travelling for over 3 months. Feels good to be back and “catching up”… looking forward to getting back in the blogging saddle 😉 See you around here (and Pinterest too 🙂 ) x

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