DIY VISUALISATION MOOD BOARD JUST IN TIME FOR 2013 (AKA visualise your way to a wonderful year!)

I needn’t state the obvious by saying that 2013 is right around the corner, but as it is, I thought I’d share a pre-New Year’s Eve activity idea. For those of you who believe (as I do) in the power of positive thinking and your thoughts creating your reality, a visualisation mood board may appeal to you. I have created many over the years and I am always astounded that they work so well! Among the dozens I have created, I recall particularly one I made just before I landed my “dream job”, another created just prior to my first successful pregnancy and another I stuck to the back of my bedroom door to keep me positive/help me heal whilst on bed rest after I received my high risk pregnancy diagnosis this year. Based on the incredibly positive results I have had from doing affirmations/meditation/visualisation exercises, I have every reason to believe that mood boards such as this help aid/affirm powerful intention, increase motivation and evoke feelings of positivity. You can easily create your own using a page layout program such as InDesign, make one using magazine images and ye olde cut-and-paste method or, if really pressed for time, why not create a Pinterest board called “2013” and cram it with pins of the things you’d like to fill your life with this coming year?

Here’s to 2013! And here’s to all your dreams for the year coming true! In the words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” xx, Miss Marzipan




32 thoughts on “DIY VISUALISATION MOOD BOARD JUST IN TIME FOR 2013 (AKA visualise your way to a wonderful year!)

  1. What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing. I have a visualization board right beside my computer, but I never thought of using Pinterest!!! Thank you. All the very best of 2013 and for your pregnancy… (BTW My high risk pregnancy is going to be 22 years old next month)

    • Oh, lovely! Firstly, you are so welcome. And secondly, I am so happy that all went well for you with your pregnancy 22 years ago! That’s wonderful 🙂 Have a wonderful 2013!

  2. Every good wish to you and your family in 2013. May it be a year as positive and bright and inspiring as your visualisation board. I visualised a few things for 2012; I don’t think any of them happened. The one thing I didn’t visualise ever was my participation in WordPress; an unexpected delight!

    • Thank you so very much! Here’s to 2013 and here’s to all the lovely things we visualise becoming reality… and some amazing ones that we don’t anticipate also coming along to pleasantly surprise us 😀 The best to you! x

  3. Visualization mood board – what a great idea! I have made some before, and I think they could help fulfilling your dreams and goals. Nice to hear that it had helped you as well! Happy New Year!

  4. I love it! You are absolutely correct – the power of positive thinking can make an amazing impact on your life. The mood board is a fantastic way to maintain focus on what is important. Thank you for posting in enough time that I actually have time to work on one 🙂

  5. What a beautiful idea. One of these days I will find the time to create a Pinterest.

    I love your positivity!! I hope that all your dreams come true in the new year!! {{Virtual hug}}

  6. What a fantastic idea 🙂 Definitely doing this 🙂
    Thanks Miss Marzipan!
    Best wishes for 2013, may it bring many beautiful memories for you and yours.

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