ABOUT TO BOARD THE “I QUIT SUGAR” TRAIN FOR THE 8-WEEK PROGRAM (plus weekly menu planner template for FREE downloading!)

Before I start the official IQS 8-week program on June 5, I thought I’d share a meal plan that I came up with, doing IQS solo-style a few weeks ago, using I Quit Sugar For Life as a guide-book, along with inspiration from Sarah Wilson’s blog, Instagram account and the IQS website.


If you take a look at the meal plan above, you’ll notice a couple of things instantly. Namely, the lacto-ovo vegetarian theme (this was my choice, but the IQS program caters to meat eaters and can also be adapted for vegans!) and the fact that I don’t mind eating the same meals a couple of days in a row ;).

As I went through I Quit Sugar For Life, exploring more recipes, what I ended up making and eating each week became a little more varied, but I definitely had my favourite eats and treats (see tip at the end of this post). I added a couple of recipes from blogs and other books that were not the work of Sarah Wilson or her team, but were in line with the IQS philosophy. It helped greatly to create a structured meal plan with page reference numbers and a shopping list as, when cooking every meal from scratch, being organised is the best way to keep things manageable (and sustainable, long-term).

And of course, being organised when it comes to cooking saves valuable time no matter how you are eating or whether or not you follow a program. So for anyone needing a printable menu plan template, this one has spaces for writing not only the dish name, but also key ingredients and page numbers/website sources. There is an added row for including extra things (beyond the standard 3 meals per day). These could include stock-ups (like purées to be made in advance and frozen), desserts, snacks, etc. Ingredients can then be tallied up and added to the shopping list at the bottom of the page.

I am not sure if others will find this menu planner as user-friendly as I do, but when I searched for something similar myself, I couldn’t find it. So I created this template. And I’ll share it here for FREE downloading :).



When it comes to the 8-week program, I am looking forward to having some clear direction, new inspiration and the opportunity to “eat clean” alongside others who are as curious/motivated/inspired as I am. I ate sugar-free for a few weeks (and still eat IQS-friendly foods 80%-90% of the time now), and really enjoyed it. I noticed subtle yet marked improvements in many aspects of my health and wellbeing and I look forward to getting stuck back into IQS with renewed vigour. My Stockholm bestie will be joining me on this journey too, and having someone to swap notes with (and have sugar-free afternoon teas with) will no doubt be part of the fun.

Unfortunately I will be away from home as the program starts and will be unable to follow the first 3 days of as I had hoped. The other big disadvantage we have, being in Scandinavia, is that the program is based around seasonal produce… seasonal in Australia! Ruh-roh! Luckily we are rather crafty and fairly good at making culinary substitutions, so will do so as necessary ;).

There are two versions of the IQS 8-week program and I have signed up for the vegetarian one. The cost (if paying upfront for the whole 8 weeks) is $150 AUD. From the IQS website:

What you receive.

A fantastic weekly meal plan with simple, delicious and filling recipes – including a vegetarian option.
Weekly motivational video and two live webinars with Sarah.
Support from a team of doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, counsellors, health coaches, personal trainers and more.
Daily advice, tips and tricks to help you quit the white stuff for good.
Weekly payment option.

June 3 is the last day to sign up, so if you’re interested, get onboard NOW! Toot, toot!

❤ MM xx

PS If you want a yummy breakfast tip, try Sarah’s Coco-Nutty Granola. It’s apparently the most popular recipe from Sarah’s first book. I make a new batch every week now, had it for breakfast myself just this morning and absolutely vouch for its deliciousness. Vegan, healthy, clean-eating yumminess in a bowl!


I QUIT SUGAR TOO (an experiment in going fructose-free and eating whole)

44 thoughts on “ABOUT TO BOARD THE “I QUIT SUGAR” TRAIN FOR THE 8-WEEK PROGRAM (plus weekly menu planner template for FREE downloading!)

  1. Have fun with the programme. Have I missed (or simply forgotten) a post on inside out bread? Sounds intriguing. I used to live by a weekly meal planner. It was so useful. In my older age I have gotten lazy.

  2. It has been much too long since my last visit, but I have been doing a little traveling and have not even seen a laptop for days. But now I am happily back on my couch browsing my favourite blogs. You really have been busy 🙂 It is so nice to have your inspiring posts back regularly!

      • I like to ask you some idea, how can I get slimmer, hahaha. But I felt better since I quite all the white sugar in my diet. If you have any good idea to substitute the raw sugar in baking, please let me know. 🙂

      • Ah, use rice malt syrup!!! Stevia too. I will post a recipe tonight for some sugar-free tarts. Sarah Wilson’s definition of “sugar-free” is actually “fructose-free”, so no agave, no maple syrup and no coconut palm sugar or any of the other refined sugar substitutes… as they are packed with fructose and, to the body, sugar is sugar is sugar. We metabolise dextrose differently. So really rice malt syrup, (at a pinch, dextrose) and stevia are the recommended sweeteners if following IQS-style eating 🙂 Best wishes to you xx

  3. I am looking forward to your posts on sugar (or lack thereof). I am more and more convinced that our food dictates how we embrace life. And, as parents, we have a direct influence on our children’s habits. You have engaged us in a profound and life-affirming discussion.

  4. Enjoy; it will be interesting reading your updates..
    Seeing the kale chips on your planner has inspired me. We are growing kale at present; it’s going like wild fire with the cooler Aussie weather.
    Good luck…!

  5. I am in awe of your organization and your motivation. Finding a life style that works for you and helps you feel your best is a journey. Sticking to it, once you find it, takes determination. Good Luck!!

  6. Your organizational prowess deserves mad respect! I still can’t wrap my mind around meal planning, let alone a commitment to eating so consistently healthfully for 8-weeks. That takes real dedication. Although I couldn’t dream of taking on the challenge, I am admittedly tempted to snatch your plans and modify them to fit my own needs… Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Hannah! So very kind! Do you have an Instagram account (ott, I know!). Best wishes to you! Oh, and I hope my mail came through. If not, let me know and I’ll send again. 🙂

  7. good Luck with your programmering: you can do it, girl! It all sounds very exciting, cool & interesting too. I am going to check out that granola recipe right now! MMMMM! 😊

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  9. thank you so much for the meal planner! busy with kids work etc- and struggling to put the book into a plan. your plan is great- thank you. would love to find more if you’ve done them- and am v happy to be starting this one- its helped so much. much appreciated. Katie (UK)

  10. Thanks for this! I love this meal planner – would love future plans you have too is you are willing to share (I personally would pay for some weekly meal planners, with prep etc as I am just so busy and this would be so helpful!) Thanks, Tess NZ

    • Hello there! For some reason I revisited this post and saw your comment. I apologise for not responding earlier (as it is an old post of mine, I guess the comment got lost). I am not sure if this is still relevant to you, but in a week I am going to be revealing a project I have been working on with an online cooking workshop forum. Included in that will be recipes, access to a community with support (from me also). The main focus is on healthy food and food prep. Essentially I have designed the 7-day cook-along to feature delicious, wholesome, satisfying, budget-friendly food that can be prepped in advance and save you time… and it will star 2 inexpensive and healthy pantry staples! All recipes are plant-based, white sugar-free/low sweetener and gluten-free and made with real food ingredients. If that is of interest to you, let me know and I’ll be in touch with you when registration opens 🙂 Best wishes – Marisa x

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