Hi all! Just a quick post to share a quick idea as Easter 2014 commences!
As you may be aware, I am in the midst of a sugar detox using Sarah Wilson‘s book I Quit Sugar For Life as inspiration. On a mission to Easter-fy one of the IQS dessert recipes (the gorgeous Choc Mint Slice), I took a look at my pantry cupboard and was struck by a very simple idea.

And this is it…




A couple of squares of melted (86%) chocolate*, or 20g (which contains only 2.6g of sugar)
Some organic almond meal
A few raw, organic cocoa nibs
Some organic toasted slivered almonds


  1. On a piece of baking paper, draw circles of the same size (mine were approximately 2cm in diameter) spaced a couple of centimetres apart with a marker pen.
  2. Flip the paper over, place on a flat tray/plate and, using a teaspoon, dab some chocolate in each of the circles to form a disc (not too thin, not too thick).
  3. Stick two slivered almonds of similar size and shape (it helps to have pairs ready beforehand) at the tops of each chocolate circle. These will be your bunny’s ears.
  4. Sprinkle all chocolate discs liberally with almond meal. You may need to pat it down very gently. This will create your bunny’s furry face.
  5. Take small coco nibs (or cut larger ones in half with a small kitchen knife) and stick somewhere near the middle of each disc to form a nose.
  6. With a toothpick, dab tiny dots of melted chocolate on either side of the nose to create your bunny’s eyes.
  7. Transfer your tray/plate to the fridge to let your bunnies cool and set. This won’t take long.
  8. When you’re ready to decorate your cakes/cupcakes/cookies/slices with bunny buttons, they should be very easy to remove from the baking paper. Adhere them by dabbing a small amount of melted chocolate where you want to attach your bunny and then gently press it down.


*I am sure vegan chocolate could work too!


Bunny button production line (this bit is messy, but I promise you they clean up alright!)


So what’s the “Instafame” bizzo I was referring to in the title of this post? Well, it’s an unexpected spin-off from having posted a picture of my “Easter pimped” Choc Mint Slices via Instagram that saw Sarah Wilson herself (!!!) seemingly liking my idea, reposting* my image via her Instagram profile and giving me a lovely shout-out… which, in turn, generated a very generous response from her followers (of which there are over 60, 000!). A little while later, CleanCheatsOfficial picked my idea along with two others as their pick of the very best cleancheats approved clean Easter treats!”

I know it’s probably rather sad of me to be touched by this, but having only “gone public” with my Instagram profile 10 days ago (and being a real newbie when it comes to Instagram), I am rather thrilled to have connected/had contact with some people who are hugely inspirational to me right now*, Sarah Wilson being one of them. I truly don’t want to be a person who relies on validation from others in order to make me feel good about myself (as I know that kind of feeling good is false and fleeting), however, having kind support and encouragement in any form means a great deal to me, especially when I have a tendency to trivialise my own “little domestic pursuits”.

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating! MM xx


*I feel like I am too new to Instagram to use terms like “regram” in some vain attempt to appear social media-savvy, but my brother assures me that this is what the act of reposting via Instagram is known as! I am a total tech-dork!

**Poh Ling Yeow, whom I adore, is another such person.

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32 thoughts on “DIY CHOCOLATE BUNNY BUTTON DECORATIONS, IQS-STYLE (and my 15 seconds of Instafame)

  1. I think your Instagram shout out news is awesome!! How cool! Your bunny buttons look equally awesome. They combine three of my deepest loves: dark chocolate, almonds, and coconut!! Have a great Easter!

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