I was inspired to make this recipe after seeing it right here on WordPress, but Project Pinterest has, as I have explained earlier, come to encompass all things of a must-do nature ;). Wanting to minimise stress and last-minute cooking for my Thanksgiving for Dummies afternoon, when I found this recipe not only was I delighted by the sound […]


After seeing much mention of honey butter around WordPress recently in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I became intrigued. It sounded amazing and though I’d never tried it, let alone made it, I thought it might be worth giving a bash. Search for “honey butter” pins on Pinterest and you’re bound to come across this […]


Technically, I wasn’t inspired to make this recipe from seeing it on Pinterest (in fact, it was right here on WordPress), but Project Pinterest has come to embrace much more than creating things inspired by lovely thumbnails on my virtual pin-up boards. It now really encompasses all of the things that I feel inspired to […]

PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 6 (The Thanksgiving for Dummies Edition)

I blame popular culture/American films, the Facebook status updates of friends in the US, pregnancy hormones (yes, that old chestnut) and Pinterest for giving me the insane notion of hosting a Thanksgiving-themed afternoon at my place… next weekend! I have never celebrated Thanksgiving in my life! As someone who grew up in Australia and now […]