After seeing much mention of honey butter around WordPress recently in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I became intrigued. It sounded amazing and though I’d never tried it, let alone made it, I thought it might be worth giving a bash. Search for “honey butter” pins on Pinterest and you’re bound to come across this recipe. It is so simple and so delicious that, barring dietary restrictions, you are bound to want to make it too! So here it is…

Honey Butter sitting atop a warm slice of Pumpkin Banana Bread

Honey Butter- creamy, fluffy, sweet butteriness

Doing what it does best…



250 g butter, room temperature
2.5 dl icing sugar
2.5 dl honey
2 tsp ground cinnamon


  1. Whip butter with electric mixer (I used my Kitchen Aid). Add sugar and beat on high until light and ever so fluffy.
  2. Add honey and cinnamon. Beat until everything is combined, fluffy and delicious.
  3. Store in the fridge until you use it yourself or give it as a gift presented in a sweet little jar. So easy! And yummy!


*Recipe adapted from this one by Fly through our window



  1. Oh my goodness it does sound delicious! I’ve made a praline butter once which was so yummy and perfect on pancakes! I’ll have to make this one too! Looks perfect for banana bread and pancakes too!

  2. WOW! I’m Aussie so Thanksgiving is all a bit new to me….I love the look of this recipe!!! Esp the honey butter!! Going to put that on EVERYTHING!

    • Snap! I’m an Aussie too… so Thanksgiving is a bit of a mystery to me, but the flavours I associate with what I know of Thanksgiving really appeal to me… and the idea of being grateful and sharing time with friends and family too. This is why we thought we’d have our own little Thanksgiving-inspired celebration… right here in Scandinavia! I hope you love this honey butter as much as I do- I have been using it everyday since I made it (very naughty 😉 )

      • Hehe! 🙂 will be making it today!!

        An Aussie in Scandinavia celbrating Thanksgiving! What an amazing mix 🙂

  3. Why have I not heard of this divine mixture before? Honey butter….yum, my taste buds will be in for a treat when I make this.

    • Hi! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it myself before perhaps a week ago! It’s only thanks to reading all the Thanksgiving posts I’ve seen around WordPress recently that I became aware it even existed! I hadn’t seen a honey butter recipe, but I’d seen recipes where people had suggested that something would be nice “served with honey butter”… and I thought “what is this honey butter of which you speak?” a decided to investigate 😉 I have since had 5 family members and a friend try it (and the pumpkin banana bread) and it’s getting major thumbs up! 😀

    • I was really excited to make it! I have only flavoured butter with herbs before (and that was years ago), but this lovely sweet butter is great! French toast, pancakes, waffles, bread, sweet bread, cupcakes… it would be yummy on so many things 😀

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