Another of my Project Pinterest agenda items doubled as a “me making time for me” project. I don’t exactly know why, but I have recently crossed over to the other side in terms of recent nail wear tastes. I have put my baby blues on the shelf and gone in search of all that is […]

BABY BLUES? (AKA pretty polish shades)

I am not one of those “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” mums, but for some reason, just since the birth of my little boy in March I have developed a penchant for blue nail polish shades. Blue (from pastels to darkest midnight shades) has been my personal, to use a fashion term, “colour […]


As a new mama, I am rather hard pressed to find “me time”, however I am determined to employ quick, easy and inexpensive ways to take care of myself. These days I may occasionally be seen springing out of the house, cardigan inside-out, bus card between my teeth, sporting a somewhat disheveled side ponytail, pushing […]