Another of my Project Pinterest agenda items doubled as a “me making time for me” project. I don’t exactly know why, but I have recently crossed over to the other side in terms of recent nail wear tastes. I have put my baby blues on the shelf and gone in search of all that is pink, glittery and girly. I came across Essie‘s breast cancer awareness shades on Pinterest and later that same week found one of those shades (‘We are in it together’) in store. Knowing that money was going to be donated to charity tipped the vote in favour of a spontaneous purchase. Having happily sported a glitter French manicure for two weeks prior, I decided it was high time that pink and glitter be united! Aside from the Essie shade, the other products I used were Depend‘s silver glitter polish (shade 47), Mavala‘s base coat and Mavala‘s amazing Mavadry top coat.

Glittery, girly goodness is easy to achieve


  1. File nails square (see basic manicure post).
  2. Apply one layer of base coat and let dry.
  3. Then apply two layers of color and let dry completely.
  4. Using glitter polish of your choice, paint on the manicured tip. You can use sticker guides such as these if you want. I have steady hands and find glitter to be very forgiving, so I paint the tips without guides.
  5. Finish with a great, fast-drying top coat.

*I feel I must reiterate that glitter polish in the context of a French style manicure is very forgiving when compared to flat colour… which makes this not only a fun way to show a little sparkle, but easy too! 

*Update (October 28, 2012): I have just removed the nail polish applied for the DIY manicure above… that is how long it lasted in good shape! Who needs shellac? 😉



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