SUPER GREEN MATCHA MYLKSHAKE (+ a Food of Thrones Weeks 2 & 3 recap)

As those of you who read my previous post or follow my Instagram account know, the Game of Thrones-inspired creative food challenge known as #FoodofThrones2016 continues. And with it have come the inspired creations of connections new and old/far and wide.

Instead of begrudging the week that stretches between episodes, I now genuinely look forward to seeing what others will come up with. And, of course, I love creating around the themes myself. I have made so many new recipes over the past few weeks that endeavoring to share them all at once would be a chore, so I am taking an “easy does it” approach. And with that, here is a super easy recipe that doubles as a perfect pick-me-up.

Frosty and fortified with matcha and superfoods, it’s the perfect treat to get you through an afternoon slump. And, in the spirit of GoT, its alternate recipe name is “Wildfire on Ice”. 😉

Read on for both the recipe and a Food of Thrones recap for both week 2 and week 3. And please note that there may be some spoilers in amongst the clickable links for those who haven’t fully caught up with the show.




Serves: 2

375 ml almond/oat milk
4 tsp rice malt/maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp matcha powder (I used Matcha Maiden)
1/2 tsp green superfood/protein powder (I used Your Superfoods Super Green)
2 small trays of ice cubes (approx. 500 ml)

Whipped coconut cream for serving (optional)

Add all ingredients to a blender and blitz until ice is crushed. Pour and serve.




WEEKS 2 & 3

As I explained in my last post, for each week of this Game of Thrones season, I’m setting a themed food challenge. The theme for week 1 was Lannister. There were some fabulous submissions, from pancakes to puddings, all inspired by one of the most emotionally polarizing houses of Westeros! Speaking of puddings, if you missed the stunning Ombre Chia Pudding feature recipe by The Artful Foodie, you can get it here!

During week 2 the theme was magic, and the participants not only increased in number, but outdid themselves in terms of creative thought and execution of their ideas.

@ros13 created possibly one of the most inventive and amazing looking desserts I have seen this year (I kid you not), White Walkers Parfait, inspired by White Walkers and events documented in The World of Ice and Fire. In her own words “…the emergence of the Others inflicted a night that lasted a generation and a Winter that lasted decades”. If that, in conjunction with her creation, doesn’t spark your imagination, I don’t know what will! @foodbymars made a gorgeous Kalamata Olive Tapenade and dedicated it to Jon Snow “… and the lost souls of Castle Black”, in the hopes that magic would provide a means to his resurrection. Fabulous vegan brownies by @perezeats served as a tribute to Khal Drogo and his Khaleesi (a victim of blood magic, but a wielder of magic of a different kind). @foodelight16 created two great magic-themed dishes; Banana Berry Layered Pancakes (dedicated to the Mother of Dragons) and a Mixed Berry Chia Banana Ice-Cream bowl.

The first alcoholic submission, a cocktail named “Mhysas Ruin” by @applefalltree, was inspired by the dark magic of the warlock Pyatt Pree. @ichabeld made an impressively magical sweet French toast stack, whilst @my_abundant_plate made a savoury breakfast option of turmeric eggs with “wildfire puree”. @ritaserano, @edgarraw and @smoothie_swan crafted some of the most stunning chia pudding creations I’ve seen. @healthyeating_jo was back with her stunning Roasted Peanut Butter and Banana Chocolate Pancake Stack. @nathaliesader was similarly in a pancake stack mood and, despite never having seen an episode of GoT, she found inspiration from GoT-related online quiz! @erin_dreamingofalmonds returned with a gorgeous Rosy Chocolate Porridge, a tribute to the magical art of glamouring. @maaikesmunchies created a delicious ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ smoothie bowl and @myvitalingredients made a truly unique and throughly GoT-inspired creation of paste of weirwood seeds (as was offered to Bran by Leaf to “…awaken your gifts and wed you to the trees”).

Blueberry Infused Water, Supergreen Matcha Mylkshake, Raspberry + Cranberry Mocktail, Cucumber + Ginger Detox Water
– a selection of rejuvenating elixirs otherwise entitled “Melisadre’s Dressing Table”


Redemption was the challenge for week 3, and with this potentially abstract theme to tackle, participants had to dial up the conceptual creativity a notch.

Has anyone created a flaming chia pudding before? Well, as a result of this challenge @thehealthyfoodheaven now has; an amazing creation inspired by the power of Melisadre (who some would say has redeemed herself now)! @edgarraw created his first avocado rose (hard to believe considering how beautiful it is) to top his vegan burger redemption-themed creation. Poor @ros13 went to extra effort, making a whole new gorgeous submission after the first was inadvertently destroyed in a photo shoot mishap. Brave @bodybewell submitted her contribution with nothing more than the first episodes of season 1 to draw her inspiration from. The first crowns of the FoT challenge made their appearance thanks to the efforts of @littlebitesofbeauty & @plantfuelledchaos. @marcritz had a cheeky bonus last-minute inclusion (flattery will get you everywhere 😉 ) with his gorgeous acai bowl.

The walls of Winterfell constructed from delicious chocolate granola bars, anyone? @foodelight16‘s got you covered! The crannogmen received their first mention and tribute in the form of @maaikesmunchies‘ smoothie bowl swamp complete with lizard lion. @applefalltree made a truly tempting savoury creation of charred cauliflower steak with mushroom fried rice and wild rosemary gravy. @mammaindia produced two stunning smoothie creations; one for Jon Snow and one for Melisandre (no prizes for guessing which belongs to who! 😉 ). @my_abundant_plate forgave Melisandre her trespasses and created delicious looking Raspberry & Rosewater Jelly Bites in her honour, while @myvitalingredients made a hearty stew perfect for warming three characters currently pursuing their own redemptive arcs in the North; Brienne, Theon & Sansa.

Quinoa Nori Slice; a tribute to Theon

My dedication to the unloved underdogs of Westeros; Mocha Mylkshakes

The FoT theme for week 4 is one I am particularly excited about; Creatures of Ice & Fire. From Ser Pounce of The Red Keep, to the dragons of Valyria, to the direwolves of the North, animals play a significant role in the various plot lines of ASOIAF. There’s plenty to draw inspiration from with this week’s theme.

If you are interested in participating in the virtual feast, find me on Instagram for more details or search the hashtag #FoodofThrones2016 to see what participants are getting up to. And stay tuned for information about how this collaborative creative experiment will transform into something that gives back… in more ways than one!

❤ MM xx

5 thoughts on “SUPER GREEN MATCHA MYLKSHAKE (+ a Food of Thrones Weeks 2 & 3 recap)

  1. I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but I have seen the commercials and the costumes, cinematography and overall visuals are so captivating and gorgeous! I think making a roundup of recipes that fit under this theme is extremely clever–it allows a lot of room for creativity. I love the idea of the turmeric eggs, peanut butter pancakes, fig tart, and three character stew! Now I have a lot of amazing blog recommendations 🙂

    • Hi! I am so glad that you like what’s been created here! Yes, there certainly is a lot of talent out there… and, like you, I think the art direction, styling and cinematography for GoT is something quite unique on television today. That along with the interesting plot lines provides a LOT of creative fuel from which to make some pretty unique dishes. It’s been an interesting exercise for sure! I really appreciate the comment! Thank you 🙂 xx

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you think so too! I am thrilled with what others have been contributing… every week feels like a creative adventure 😀 And I am seeing that cooking to themes is the exact translation of what I do for my AD job… but in food form… and without a client to keep happy 😉 xx

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