ÖVERJÄRVA GÅRD (a rural oasis close to Stockholm)

After receiving numerous requests for “local tips”, I have decided that this will be the first of a series of posts (which I’ll compile in list form on a new page) about some of my favourite places in and around Stockholm, complete with links and information that may be of use to visitors, to those with children and/or specific dietary requirements.

In Sweden, the term smultronställe (literally meaning “wild strawberry patch”), refers to a favourite location/hidden gem. This is one of mine… and I hope to share more soon!

❤ MM xx


Described on its website as being a “rural oasis in the middle of town”, Överjärva Gård is a repurposed former dairy farm that now comprises a café, farm shops and a nature school for children, all in a traditional Swedish farm setting. The farm offers visitors an opportunity to experience a taste of country life less than a half hour commute (+ stroll) from Stockholm’s Central Station.

Housed in one of the traditional farm buildings, Överjärva Gårdscafé is rather charming and boasts an extensive range of “fika” (morning/afternoon tea) options. Vegan friends will appreciate the addition of Oatly (oat-based milk) in the refrigerated milk cabinet and those with lactose or gluten intolerances will be pleased by the new range of house-baked sweet treats. Children’s favourites feature on the menu (pancakes with jam and cream, for example) as well as light lunch options, among which you should find at least one vegetarian option. Coffee, tea, ice creams and a small assortment of soft drinks and juices are available for purchase. Children will love the miniature farm reconstruction model and adults may appreciate the understated farm-house style interior decoration.


Probably the biggest drawcard of the farm is the animals. Pony rides are available, it is possible on certain days to interact with the sheep (this is something my kids love and which I highly recommend) and the annual “Bee Day” is a very popular event, where families can try their hand at bee keeping (suits are provided) and little ones can learn about bee life & honey.



A visit to Överjärva Gård is a perfect way to spend a quiet afternoon. Its proximity to the city and its modest size make it an easy, time-effective and relaxed option for families with little ones.


  • Opening hours: check www.overjarvagard.se for the latest updates
  • Entrance fee: none
  • Family info: a very child-friendly environment, suitable for all ages
  • Animal life: sheep/lambs, chickens, horses, ponies, bees
  • Food: Överjärva Gårdscafé offers plenty of fika options, some of which are gluten/lactose-free, and a small selection of seasonal light meals including vegetarian options, some of which can be made vegan upon request.
  • Activities: eating, shopping, seeing/interacting with the animals, pony rides, exploring, nature walks, educational activities and celebrations (see special events).
  • Shopping: Överjärva Antik offers an authentic, rustic antique shopping experience- worthy of a bit of a browse. Fårens Hantverksbod offers locally made handicrafts, many produced with wool from Överjärva Gård’s sheep.
  • Special events: for children’s activities, seasonal celebrations and special farm days (such as “Bee Day” and midsummer celebrations), check the website for the latest updates (www.overjarvagard.se). Courses in planting, ceramics, etc., are offered in Växthuset (the greenhouse) on occasion. For details, see Uterummet. There is a nature school and a museum that can be open to the public on designated special farm days.
  • Getting there by public transport: By commuter train it takes twelve minutes from Central Station to Ulriksdal Station. The walk along Överjärva Gårdsväg takes about fifteen minutes. Take the commuter train or bus 502, 505, 509 or 540 to Ulriksdals Station. Follow the walkway to the right of the Hemköp (supermarket) and walk along the railway line until you reach the railway viaduct. Go under the viaduct then continue along Överjärva Gårdsväg, past the golf course, to Överjärva Gård. Orange sign posts show the way.
  • Getting there by car: Drive along the E4 in the direction of Järva Krog, then turn onto the E18 towards Oslo. Drive to Bagartorpsringen and follow the orange signs. Drive under the railway viaduct. Continue along Överjärva Gårdsväg, past the golf course, to Överjärva Gård.



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