An alternative to the ubiquitous bliss ball, these easy-to-make cookies are low-sweetener, dairy-free and egg-free, with a nutty protein boost. Perfect bite-sized treats to curb a sweet craving or provide some extra energy between meals.

Speaking of energy, as I sit here editing this recipe (that I first drafted a year ago!), I find myself far more pregnant than I had anticipated at 41 weeks plus 2 days. I am, quite understandably, feeling rather tired now. I’m still holding out hope for a natural, complication-free birth experience and, in these last moments before baby arrives, I am taking the opportunity to do a little extra nesting and resting up.

This will no doubt be my last blog post before baby #3 joins our family, but I hope to be back with you all again soon.

❤ MM xx




100 g gluten-free oats
3 tbsp almond flour (I used Fitnessguru)
3 tbsp desiccated coconut
3 tbsp flaked almonds
3 tbsp dairy-free chopped dark chocolate (I used 90% cocoa)
1/4 tsp maca powder
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

125 ml almond butter (I used Fitnessguru)
1 tbsp rice malt syrup (or alternative)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2-3 tbsp almond milk (plus extra if required)
A drop of almond extract (optional)


  1. Combine wet ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. In a large bowl, combine dry ingredients.
  2. Pour wet ingredients into the large bowl and stir everything until well-combined, using your hands if you need to. The mixture may seem a little dry, but should ultimately sick together. If it doesn’t come together, add a tiny dash of extra almond milk.
  3. Roll tablespoons of cookie mix between your hands then flatten out (or leave as “cookie dough balls”, if you like). Alternatively, for a more uniform appearance, press tablespoons full of mix into the holes of a mini mince pie tray (such as this one).
  4. Refrigerate to set (an hour should do) and store unused cookies in an airtight container in your fridge or freezer. In the fridge they should keep well for a few days.


*Paleo-ish version- use quinoa flakes in place of oats, cacao chocolate/cacao nibs in place of chocolate and raw honey in place of rice malt syrup

*Nut-free version- use sunflower butter in place of almond butter, use rice/oat milk in place of almond milk, add 3 extra teaspoons of oats in place of the almond meal, replace flaked almonds with sunflower seeds





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