SIMPLE LAVENDER SALT SCRUB (a quick, thrifty and beautiful homemade spa-in-a-jar gift)

Allow me to jump right in and begin this post by stating that this scrub works. It really works. Not only will it leave your skin cleansed and moisturised, but you will smell gorgeous too (if lavender is your thing, as it is mine).

Moreover, it is inexpensive to make, simple to prepare (my toddlers helped me make it!) and is a lovely homemade gift*.

As someone who has worked rather extensively within the beauty industry**, I am familiar with the old technological innovation = high-performance pitch. So I forgive myself initially questioning the efficacy of such a simple homemade skin care preparation. Thankfully, I had the good sense to try this scrub out myself before packaging it up for gifting purposes. Now I’ll be sure to make this scrub for myself too!

If you’re looking for a last-minute, DIY-style Christmas stocking filler or hostess gift, this is just the ticket.




350 ml epsom salts
150 ml gently melted organic coconut oil
15 drops organic lavender essential oil
2,5 tbsp organic lavender flower buds


In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients well. Spoon into containers/jars of choice. Place descriptive label or tag on them if giving as a gift.


Use this scrub on feet, elbows, legs, arms… anywhere that can do with a bit of exfoliation and a moisture boost.

  1. Apply warm water to the area of the body you will be applying the scrub to (doing this in the bath or shower is ideal)
  2. Massage the scrub over the skin lightly. Approximately 1 tablespoon of  the scrub mix per area of the body should be sufficient. Rinse off with warm water.
  3. Towel dry skin gently.



  • If you have a known issue with sensitivity to essential oils, please stick with using the lavender flower buds only.
  • If you have experienced skin sensitivity to epsom salts, please try making a sugar-based scrub instead of this one.
  • Of course, you should never use anything of an abrasive/exfoliating nature on chapped, raw, sensitive, broken (cut/scratched) skin.
  • If you have found your skin irritated after the use of any exfoliating product, consider using this scrub as a relaxing bath soak/foot soak instead, adding 200 ml or so to a warm bath/foot bath as it is being filled.



Simply download, print, cut out and adhere to jar or swing tag!


** Well, I’d be happy if someone gave me a jar of it!
* As an art director.


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16 thoughts on “SIMPLE LAVENDER SALT SCRUB (a quick, thrifty and beautiful homemade spa-in-a-jar gift)

  1. After all these days of eating it is great to see a ‘recipe’ for something different (and healthy) 🙂 Warmest Christmas wishes!

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