A LITTLE CHRISTMAS COMPETITION (+ many thanks and lots of love)

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your interest!*
The winner, as determined by “hat draw”, was Gallivanta of silkannthreades and her post featuring her Mio Mojo bags can be found here: https://silkannthreades.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/5859/

‘Tis the season to give back*. That’s what I think, anyway! And I am so incredibly grateful for the support I have had here and via Instagram, I thought it would be nice to host a little competition giveaway as a token expression of thanks.

If you like cosmetics/fashion and if you care about kindness, this one is truly a win-win. Italian eco fashion label Miomojo produced this gorgeous, exclusively designed set of two Moon Bear Love make-up bags for Animals Asia. Perfect for travel and everyday use, they are durable and have been constructed in an ethically sound manner, free from toxic, carcinogenic chemicals and substances. And of course Miomojo products are cruelty free; fashion-forward in every way! I fell in love with these make-up bags as soon as I saw them, but as we are not buying things we don’t immediately need à la Sarah Wilson (I have two bags in good condition and in use right now), I wanted to gift them to someone else.

If you haven’t heard of Animals Asia, do check out their website and you will be moved (perhaps to tears, as I was) when you read about the amazing work they are doing to end the cruel, frankly horrendous practice of bear bile farming and give rescued moon bears a chance to experience kindness from humans after years of torture.


  1. Leave a comment to express your interest in entering, ideally with an email address so I can contact you promptly**.
  2. Simply agree that when you receive your moon bear bags, you will post something online -visible publicly – (via your blog/Instagram/facebook or what-have-you) giving a little shout-out to Animals Asia.

I will pick the winner by using the ol’ name-in-hat trick to make it fair.

The competition will be open for one week from today (Sunday, December 7 to Sunday December 14).

At this point, the competition is open internationally. I am awaiting confirmation that shipping to any location is possible, so my apologies if there is an issue with this.

I will be posting some Christmas freebie downloadables soon too, so everybody will be able to get a little something! *Giving back makes one jolly! 😀 ** As the winner, you will need to provide me with a shipping address too.   This competition is NOT being sponsored by Animals Asia or Miomojo. I am purchasing these bags as any other Animals Asia contributor/online shopper would, and personally paying to have them shipped to the winner at the address provided to me.

34 thoughts on “A LITTLE CHRISTMAS COMPETITION (+ many thanks and lots of love)

  1. Thank you so much for introducing us to this label!! I’d definitely love to win and share their message with everyone! You’re such a good hearted person, have a happy Christmas xx

  2. I would be awesome if I won this giveaway. If I win I’ll give it as a gift to one of my sisters who is a big advocate of free-animal-cruelty products.

    Great initiative Marisa.

  3. Hello Miss Marzipan
    Wishing you lovely Christmas 🎄
    Found my way via Instagram to AnimalsAsia and absolutely love what they are doing. Will join forces to support. Throw my name into sweeptake hat 😊 I will look forward to see who wins MioMojo bag, they are all very attractive. Thank you for sharing and caring

    • Thank you so VERY much, lovely, for your support… and I am SO glad you have discovered Animals Asia and the amazing work they do (and Miomojo too). My best to you! 🙂 xxx

  4. Hey! Would love to enter this comp please! I used to teach in Korea where they had 80/86 moon bears in captivity hooked up for their bile 😦 so so sad!!!! Let’s help the bears 🙂 xx love your creations!

    • Oh Allie! It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? I can hardly stand to think about it too long 😥 … it makes me so sad and so angry. If I could give a million dollars to the cause, I would! Thank you for your support, sweet one. My best to you and yours 🙂 xx

  5. Merry Christmas Miss Marzipan! Thank you for raising awareness on this topic. Miomjo sound like an absolutely gorgeous brand! So good to ethical choices in the fashion and makeup industry.Would love to win (kiapedo85@gmail.com)

  6. This is awesome. As a vegetarian who makes sure all her makeup and hair care products are cruelty-free, I’m really excited to see this company! I would love to enter – my email is curldiaries@gmail.com, and I would most definitely be able to chat about these guys on my blog, the accompanying Twitter, Facebook Page, and Google Plus account! Best of luck to all contestants! 🙂

    • Fabulous, Jess! Truly wonderful that you are prepared to spread the word so generously! This cause needs every ounce of love and support behind it. You’re a gem. Best wishes to you! xxx

  7. Hi Marisa,
    As I commented on IG, I think this is a lovely thing your doing. I never heard about Animals Asia before, so I visited their site. Apparently they are looking out for all kinds of animals. I read about one bear, Dick, who loves to eat veggies & fruit and whom they call a foodie. He probably likes to eat the same stuff we do 🙂 That makes me like the bags even more and I love the philosophy of Miomojo, so I’m entering your Give Away! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Regards, Daniëlle

    • Thank you, gorgeous! Isn’t that just **beyond precious**!!! A foodie!!! Gah! ❤ I wonder if he is one of the "befriend a bear" bears? If so, I might just have to sponsor him this year. I just adore the animals they are helping over there. The fact that they can forgive humans after the torture they have suffered… and learn to trust again… and to be free… and to play… and enjoy food/sunlight/nature/being free of constant physical pain… oh my gosh. It just makes me want to bawl thinking about what they have been through 😥 and how gorgeous and resilient they are.
      Thank goodness for Animals Asia. And for beautiful people like you who care too.
      My very best to you and yours, sweet one! xxx

  8. This is such a wonderful competition, and forwards such a good message! There is never a need for animal cruelty, and this company sounds like it understands that! Thank you for sharing abut them, you are an awesome human being!
    I have entered in and crossed my fingers 😀
    I’ll definitely give them a shout out as well! 🙂
    Email: gobakeyourself@yahoo.com.au

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Thank you, gorgeous Uru! I am so glad you have entered too and you are always so generous with your support of worthy causes, brands and other bloggers. Best wishes, lovely. M xx

  9. Hi Miss Marzipan,
    Thank you for your recipes and introducing Miomojo and Animals Asia.
    Would like to participate in the competition.

  10. Hey Lovely! Better late than never I say! Would Love these cute wee bags and totally give credit where it’s due 🙂 Much love Nicky B. xxxx P.s LOVE you review of IQS8WP. Fantastic!

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