FROZEN BERRY JAM (no doubt the easiest, yummiest way to use up frozen berries!)

We are not only in the midst of a whirlwind of advent and pre-Christmas celebrations, moreover we are bracing ourselves for 3.5 months away and counting down the days until we leave. This means cleaning out our fridge and freezer, among many other things. I HATE to waste food and when I came across over a kilogram of lovely frozen berries in the back of a freezer drawer the other day, I was determined to find a way to use them… preferably an easy and festive way.

I chanced upon this recipe and having only made jam once before, I thought I’d give it a go. I cannot sing this jam’s praises enough! It is, without doubt, one of the loveliest jams I have tried. I have spread it on toast and on soft Swedish flatbread, dolloped it atop semolina porridge and used it as a filling in mini jam tarts. In every instance, it has been delectable.

If you are looking for a way to use up berries, are in need of jam in a pinch or want to make someone very happy with a delicious homemade Christmas gift, do try this!



Makes approx. 1 liter


1 kg mixed frozen berries*
880g caster sugar
4 oranges, juiced


  1. Place berries, sugar and orange juice in a large saucepan (I used a soup pot) over low heat, stirring to dissolve sugar.
  2. Increase heat until the mixture is at a slow boil. Foam will begin to form on the surface. Try to skim as much as of it off as possible with a spoon.
  3. After 30 minutes, test to see if the jam has begun to set by placing a teaspoonful onto a freezer-chilled plate and push the jam forward with your finger. If it “wrinkles” it is ready. If not, wash the plate and return it to freezer. Cook jam for a further 10 minutes, then test again.
  4. When jam reaches a set* then pour/spoon into sterilised jars*.





*I actually used a little over 1 kg of a mix of homegrown blackcurrants (frozen after picking during summer) plus store-bought frozen organic blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. The combination is amazing, I promise you!
*It took about an hour on a bubbling simmer (low-medium heat) for my jam to reach a set.
*With the amount of jam this recipe produced, I was able to fill 3 x 0.5 liter IKEA Korken Jars approximately 3/4 full.
*Recipe very closely adapted from this fabulous one found at


18 thoughts on “FROZEN BERRY JAM (no doubt the easiest, yummiest way to use up frozen berries!)

  1. I am picking my blackcurrants just now. I was thinking of freezing some of them with the idea of turning them in to jam or pies sometime later. We will see. Depends on how much there is to harvest. What a lovely long away time you will be having. You might need to take some of your jam for the journey 🙂

  2. Never having made my own jam, I looked at your photos longingly and thought how nice it would be to have some homemade jam for all of the uses you mentioned. Then I saw how easy the recipe is. Even I can do that! Thanks!

    • You are so welcome! I promise that it is super easy! Even easier than the 3 ingredient cherry jam I made as this one involves no pitting or preparation of the berries. And it really tastes so good. It has become my favourite jam 😀

  3. I dillied and dallied for too long this summer and missed out on fresh berry season, so I made jam with frozen berries from the grocery store – I have never gotten so many compliments on a jam, it’s just crazy. I’m embarrassed to say how freaking easy it was…so I never have! This looks so yummy; gotta try. 🙂

    • Totally agree with you, Sandra! I always saw jam making as being labor intensive and “fussy”… this recipe totally blew that idea out of the water. It couldn’t be much simpler… or better tasting. We were just eating some more tonight and saying it’s our new favourite jam 🙂 All the best to you 🙂 x

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