Hi all! After waaay too long, I have finally started a MissMarzipan.com Pinterest account. So please do let me know if any of you have an account. I’d love to check out your stuff there and if you’re interested, share with you what inspires me too :). Feel free to leave me a comment with your Pinterest details!


Oh, and please note that I have just started my Pinterest account… so there’s not much there right now, I am afraid. But it will be good… and crammed full of fun stuff soon. I promise!

Ok, so there's not much there yet... but stay tuned!

Ok, so there’s not much there yet… but stay tuned!


In other news, I am attempting what I am calling a “No Naughties November”. Essentially my definition of this is eating well/more consciously and exercising more than usual (in a balanced way, of course). I am aiming at a refined sugar-free month (well, rest of the month!)… but definitely not cutting out treats entirely. Why? Because that’s how I roll (it’s hard to take the sugar out of marzipan, after all ;)). I should add that my homemade, refined sugar-free treats don’t count as “naughties”! What I am doing is an extra work out for every bit of “naughtiness”, even if it’s just a short yoga session, 15 minutes of circuit training, etc. So one brownie, for example (ahem, yes… already!), means an extra something added to my usual workout. And I am running. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d like running. What I have discovered this year is that once you break through that ugly pain barrier, it is actually very liberating. And it’s a challenge (I like challenges).

Speaking of “no naughties”, for excellent recipes and ideas for people seeking healthier alternatives or those with dietary restrictions, check out the official, original No Naughties site here

And some other sites that I love that are packed with healthy inspiration include:
Cara at forkandbeans.com is quite simply a genius and kitchen wizard. Check out her site, you’ll see what I mean.
And Kenley of Green Door Hospitality  fame always seems to have lovely ideas for preparing veggies in a manner that both you and your guest will love.

Hmmm, I could go on and on!
In fact, every time I am online I seem to come across sites, blogs, recipes, ideas and stories that inspire me. Thank you all for sharing yours with the world 🙂

And, once again with impeccable timing, guess who’s back with a new 21-Day Meditation Challenge? That’s right! Deepak Chopra (and Oprah) :). We are 3 days into the challenge now but it’s not too late to sign up TODAY… for FREE!


I am so glad that the format has changed and that the daily meditations are now available to listen to for 5 days after they are first released. This is perfect for those who sign up late… or for those of us who can find it difficult to spare even the 10 minutes a day it takes to do one of these meditation sessions. Desire and Destiny is the theme of the current challenge and I am loving it already. Hopefully I’ll actually get time to share my experiences of this challenge as I did with the first two.

If you’re interested, here are the links to my previous 21-Day Meditation Challenge posts:


Well, I do hope some of you will join me for this latest meditation challenge… or for a “No Naughties November”… or over at Pinterest!
All the best!
MM xx


  1. Congratulations on your Piniterest account. I think it’s the perfect network for someone talented with crafts like you and the perfect “window” to start making a “drawer dream” come true … a craft shop maybe?

  2. Whaaaat? You’ve only just started it? But you have TONNES of Pins already! Spectacular effort Miss M! It’s gorgeous and I am following with my decidedly inferior excuse for an account …

    You’re healthiness is also enviable. If I eat a brownie, I do penance by eating another, just to balance out the sides you know 😉

    • You are super sweet! Have already repinned a couple of your fab ideas 🙂 Very happy to connect with you on Pinterest too 😀 Oh, and I hear you about sweets… one is never enough for me. I approach dessert eating like a Hobbit (I like to follow dessert with dessert 😉 )… I am lucky I like to experiment with healthier versions of treats these days, I guess! All the best! x

  3. Hi, I love your work, so I just nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award! The Rules are:
    Display the award on your blog
    Mention/link the person who nominated you
    Nominate another 10 (or so) bloggers you feel should be given this award
    Inform these individuals that you have nominated them
    Write 7 facts about yourself


    Love, Judit

  4. yay! on pinterest 🙂 it’s so good (i’m actually slightly addicted to it 😛 )
    ooo i’m looking forward to your healthy recipes! 🙂 x

  5. Such an inspiring post!! I am fine on sugar (nothing that piece of fruit or a sprinkle of stevia cannot take care of) but my mind can do with a little slowing down. So I have just signed up for the meditation challenge – so intersted to find out how that will feel!!!

    • Oh great!!! I am so happy you are doing it too! Do you like it so far? The first time I did one I found it frustrating at first, but as the process went on it was great 🙂 All the best 😀

      • To be honest I do not miss it one bit. Granted I never had much of a sweettooth but I did enjoy my chocolate. What I find amazing is how your tasts and cravings change. Things I would have difficulty keeping my fingers off only a few years ago just do not taste good to me any more. But I guess it takes a while to change old habits – good luck and strength….and enjoyment to you 🙂

  6. No naughties? I think about not having dessert and then crave a “little something sweet” at the end of the day. Do you like running? It’s such a release for me and I feel better (physically and mentally) after a run.

    • I crave a little something sweet after every meal, it seems 😉 Luckily I am happy to eat healthier versions of sweet treats… or at least I enjoy my own home baking, which, at the very least, uses organic ingredients. I haven’t cut out those things at all (although in most people’s eyes I’d be “cheating” everyday!).
      I am growing to love running. It challenges me more than any other form of exercise, so I find it hard, but incredibly rewarding. I feel great after a run… liberated! x

    • Thank you so much, Rhonda! It really can eat up time… I totally understand the meaning of the term “pinsanity” 😉 Looking forward to checking out your Pinterest boards too :)!

  7. Hello Miss Marzipan – and thank you so much for the link to my site! I totally agree with you: homemade, refined sugar-free treats are not naughties 🙂
    Glad you’re on Pinterest now as well. I’ll go and follow you shortly 🙂
    Good luck with your ‘no naughties’ November – I hope it’s a success!
    Tarja x

  8. I must admit, I’m still not “pinning,” but I keep seeing things like this that make me want to start! It’s like a party I’m missing out on. Okay, I’ll at least reconsider it… See if it’s worth all the fuss!

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