DIY DAY OF THE DEAD SUGAR SKULL TREAT BOXES (they’re spooky, sparkly & perfect for Halloween!)

What an amazing time of the year this is! Autumn landscapes and harvest festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving… so many things to celebrate. Here in Sweden, All Saints’ Day (Alla helgons dag) is traditionally a quiet day of sombre reflection… dignified (in a typically Scandinavian fashion). Lighting candles at family grave sites is a widely practised custom. I have never had the pleasure/privilege/opportunity to witness a traditional Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, but have always been captivated by the bold and colourful imagery associated with it (a stark contrast with Swedish tradition).

This year I had a special project I wanted to undertake in celebration of this time of year; the creation of treat boxes (using papier mache Easter eggs, bought on sale months ago from Panduro) for my little ones. Clearly these are not sugar skulls per se, but they are decorated in a “sugar skull style”… and would make perfect containers for things made of sugar 😉


My son has requested that his sugar skull treat box contain a box of raisins! As for Baby Cupcake, at 8 months of age she’s not at the raisin-eating stage just yet, so I’ll be popping a necklace in hers that she can wear and enjoy at a later date.

I really enjoyed making these and I hope you like them too! Below you’ll find images and an easy-to-follow infographic and design template in case you’re feeling crafty this weekend.

As per request, I have created a template with a simple sugar skull design which is available FREE for download here at 🙂


For a pdf version of the template, click here or on the image above.

For a free eps version of the template, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you 🙂


The more bling, the better!

The more bling, the better!

Not just for candy! They make lovely gift and jewelry boxes too.

Not just for candy! They make lovely gift and jewelry boxes too.




41 thoughts on “DIY DAY OF THE DEAD SUGAR SKULL TREAT BOXES (they’re spooky, sparkly & perfect for Halloween!)

  1. Really, Really cute! While in San Jose a bit ago to visit Alys, we stopped in at ‘The Paper Source’, just a fab store. Their entire window was decorated with these, that’s the first time I’d ever seen them. I’ll drop it here for you, you might find it fun. I don’t know if I’ll make one this year, but I’d love the download when you have a moment. Thanks for the inspiration 😀

  2. Dear MM: wow! You are so wonderfully talented! Great DIY project, beautiful end result and great presentation as always. Plus, your son scores an extra point for his very healthy choice of a treat to put inside the egg! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Stefano! 😀 Very kind!
      And yes, I was pleased (and surprised) by his request for raisins! He does like sweet things (his mama is a home baker, after all), but we try to encourage healthy, balanced eating and he considers dried fruit a treat too 🙂
      Love your latest pics, by the way! 🙂

  3. I am just in awe of your DIY creativity! Your blog posts make it look so easy yet beautiful! Thanks for visiting & following my blog. I’m so glad because it allowed me to find your blog! I love paper crafts & baking, so your posts are a real inspiration. 😀

    • Such a sweet comment! Thank you! And of course I am happy to read the blog of such an avid Halloween fan as yourself… lots of fun ideas and spooky inspiration :D. All the very best to you and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween 😀 x

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