A SNEAK PREVIEW OF MY FIRST GUEST POST (chocolatey, gluten-free goodness!)

As some of you know, my baby Cupcake arrived just a few short weeks ago, hence my recent absence on WP. However, just days before labour kicked in, I managed to submit my very first guest blog post EVER to the fabulous, illustrious Choc Chic Uru of Go Bake Yourself fame. As you can see from the preview image below, it’s a decidedly Valentine’s Day-inspired post, however the recipe (for delicious Gluten-free Double Choc Brownie Cookies), will translate well to any occasion, no doubt. As a crafty little bonus, my guest post will also feature a super-simple tutorial for Cupid’s arrow toothpicks.

If you’re not already following Go Bake Yourself, check it out now (you wont regret it!)… and do stay tuned for a Miss Marzipan cameo appearance some time around the first week of April ;).

Many thanks again to everyone who has wished us well over the past weeks. I do hope to be around WP more often in the near future and I thank you for your understanding in the meantime. xx



The post (including recipe and tutorial) can now be found here:

Thanks again to CCU and Go Bake Yourself!


42 thoughts on “A SNEAK PREVIEW OF MY FIRST GUEST POST (chocolatey, gluten-free goodness!)

  1. Mini cupcakes have a habit of changing our lives… especially the ‘sweet’ ones like yours…! 🙂

    I’m now looking forward to this next exciting event in your life… Happy Guest Posting..

  2. This is a long overdue note to say congrats on baby cupcake and your first guest post! I don’t know how you manage it all as I am really struggling to keep up with the commenting and blogging! CCU’s site is always filled with swoon-worthy treats — so your brownies fit right in!

  3. Congratulations on your sweet new baby!!! Glad everyone is doing well now:). I love “Go bake yourself”. What a fun place for a guest post!!! Happy Easter!!

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