HOW I SURVIVED THANKSGIVING FOR DUMMIES (+ free printable Thanksgiving buffet labels for you)

Recently, I’ve felt inspired to jump onto Illustrator again (seeing as it’s my favourite program ever 😉 ) and what better excuse than having guests over for my Thanksgiving for Dummies/crafting afternoon. As the things I chose to make for this little event are hardly traditional in this part of the world, I thought it might be fun to specify what each little treat on the table was, so I dug out the template I created for buffet table labels for my son’s 1st birthday (Note to self: must write blog post about son’s 1st birthday!) and reworked it quickly into something Thanksgiving-inspired. I thought I’d share it here, despite the lateness of this blog post in relation to Thanksgiving this year, in case someone else needed some easy DIY labels for their next Thanksgiving event.

Just open the pdf, print, cut out labels and fold along the guidelines then fill in the names of your dishes using your own handwriting for a lovely, personal touch. Easy! I hope you like them 🙂

Download your free, printable Thanksgiving buffet labels here! x

Download and DIY Thanksgiving buffet labels… for free!

This was my preparation schedule for Thanksgiving for Dummies (it really worked/helped me to have a completely stress-free day!):

Sunday, November 18-
preparing dough for M&M’s cookies with Marshmallows for freezing
baking Maple Pecan Walnut Bar Cookies, slicing and freezing
Monday, November 19-
making Honey Butter and storing in fridge in airtight container
Tuesday, November 20-
making Pumpkin Spice Mix
baking Pumpkin and Banana Bread, keeping 1 loaf out for eating, freezing the other
Thursday, November 22-
preparing Pumpkin Soup (up until blending stage), refrigerating
Friday, November 23- 
baking Sweet Corn Muffins
defrosting M&M’s cookie dough and baking the cookies
preparing and printing Thanksgiving-themed buffet labels
fixing nails
doing mini facial before bed
Saturday, November 24- 
cleaning and organising
washing hair and doing makeup
blending Pumpkin Soup, adding cream and warming through on low heat
setting food, cutlery, crockery, buffet labels, etc out for buffet
welcoming guests and having fun 🙂


Well, now that Project Pinterest, week 7 is in full-effect I thought it appropriate to round up the past week with a quick Thanksgiving for Dummies recap. For the first meeting of our little crafting circle, I really couldn’t be happier with how the day unfolded. It was lovely to have the girls around, see what they were working on, watch some chick flicks, eat and chat… a lot! And I was touched that they took photographs of the set up and each other and that they seemed to feel happy to be here. I will look forward to our next meet-up… and also to next November, when I hope to have another Thanksgiving inspired event 🙂


31 thoughts on “HOW I SURVIVED THANKSGIVING FOR DUMMIES (+ free printable Thanksgiving buffet labels for you)

    • Oh, thank you so much! Seriously, you wouldn’t have recognised me a few years ago… I was the most disorganised person I knew 😉 And unfortunately that’s not my handwriting, but rather a lovely calligraphic font… but I agree that it’s beautiful 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much, Nancy :)! Very kind. I am thinking about making some more… Christmas specific. And also sharing the one I used at my blessingway/baby shower, which are fairly neutral and would work well for a variety of occasions.

  1. I could not understand why I am not getting notifications of your posts! Well, remembering to click the Follow button helps 😉

    • Aw, thanks CCU 🙂 I didn’t do half as much as those celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving, but I am happy with how things went (especially considering the whole celebration was something completely foreign to me 🙂 ) x

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