THE CHOPRA CENTER 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE (Creating Abundance- my experiences, part 2)

Something has shifted this week. I am not entirely sure what it is, but I find myself feeling less anxious and more positive, not just when it comes to partaking in the Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Creating Abundance, but in general. I am also VERY aware that I have a lonnnnnnnng way to go on this road to enlightenment/contentment/inner peace.
The remainder of this post is a copy from my online journal plus the “centering thought” for each day:

Day 5

Day 5 – Question 1
What is the highest vision you hold of yourself?
Seeing myself happy, content, fulfilled and making a positive impact on the world in the greatest way I can.
Day 5 – Question 2
When do you believe you will reach your potential in life?
Hopefully I am reaching it everyday! But really, I don’t know.
Day 5 – Question 3
How will meditation help you reach your full potential?
I think that balance, quieting the mind, being able to get out of my own way (remove fears and limitations), stop the judgements/head chatter/projections into past and future so that I can be present in the now are all important for living peacefully and contentedly. Meditation is a path to all of these things, I believe.
Day 5 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
*I wrote no reflections (still in a bit of a funk, I guess). Should do this one again!

Day 6

Day 6 – Question 1
What is your definition of success?
Happiness and fulfillment.
Day 6 – Question 2
What do you need in your life to make you feel more successful?
To always be able to live my truth, to follow my heart all the time, to not listen to the chatter in my mind… to be unafraid.
Day 6 – Question 3
What would it take to accept that everything you need, want, and desire is already within you?
A greater self-belief and an ability to be still with myself so that I can tap into that potential.
Day 6 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
I was anxious before starting this meditation as I normally feel the baby kicking around that time and there was no movement. I heard the words “Everything I desire is within me.” and suddenly the baby kicked! And I thought to myself “I didn’t expect this to be quite so literal!” It was quite amazing, however. And the best of these meditation exercises I have done so far.

Day 7

Day 7 – Question 1
What is the best gift that has come to you without effort?
Love/gratitude/inspiration/connectedness/health. But more specifically, I don’t know if there’s anything that has manifested in my life without *some* effort… whether it be physical assertion, focus, emotional investment or what-have-you. I find it hard not to believe that something has to happen in order for something to happen!
Day 7 – Question 2
How do you feel when you receive more good than someone else?
Ah- this is very poignant right now. I feel that I have received a true miracle/blessing recently and found myself questioning if there were enough “miracles” to go around for everybody. Are there? If there are, then what exactly makes a miracle “miraculous”? Wouldn’t we simply refer to them as “everyday occurrences”? Or is it that they are indeed happening ALL the time and we just don’t always recognise them? When I receive more good than someone else I question why and sometimes feel guilty. I can also worry about what other people think of me (whether or not they might dislike me for having something they don’t).
Day 7 – Question 3
How has what we call “luck” entered into your life?
Many times! I have had many lucky escapes from bad situations and come out of adversities stronger and wiser. Many of the lucky events in my life have been as a result of strange and fortuitous coincidences- being in the right place at the right time and connecting with the right people. I am very happy with my life and as I believe that one event leads to another, how can I not feel gratitude for all the things that have gone before *this* point of my life? I would not be here -in this exact space- if it wasn’t for past occurrences (good and bad). I don’t know if that’s being lucky so much as it is being blessed.
Day 7 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
I had to repeat this session. I was off in la-la land the first time around. But today’s theme is indeed very relevant to me… especially, I feel, as I have always been told I am “lucky”!

Day 8

Day 8 – Question 1
Given all that you’ve learned, what does abundance mean to you?
The opposite of scarcity. That there is always enough to go around for every soul… and that possibilities are there for the receiving.
Day 8 – Question 2
Where does your abundance come from?
If everything is possible within the framework of our universe and consciousness, I suppose abundance comes from within and also from without… as there is nothing really separating us from everything else. It is infinite.
Day 8 – Question 3
What would it take for you to believe that you have the creative power to manifest anything you want, need, or desire?
The obvious answer is overcoming my doubts and fears. A leap of faith, perhaps.
Day 8 – Journal
No journal today?- strange!

Day 9

Day 9 – Question 1
What do you think of when you hear the word, “gift”?
Something freely given… that does not have to be earned. Something given out of love for the benefit/enjoyment of the recipient.
Day 9 – Question 2
What gifts have been bestowed upon you in the last few days?
Kind thoughts and words from others, love, the health and wellbeing of my baby, time with my son and also some tangible gifts from family members.
Day 9 – Question 3
What gifts can you offer those you meet today?
Kindness first and foremost. I can listen, support, respect, smile… etc. In a tangible sense I can give an actual gift to a newborn baby and her mother.
Day 9 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
Of all the thoughts/concepts to focus on, I have found this by far the easiest to grasp and remind myself of throughout the day. I suppose it is because I firmly believe the principle to be true already. And especially since the start of this pregnancy, with all the complications and fears I have faced, it is something that I have actively sought to practice.

Day 10

Day 10 – Question 1
How do you make decisions?
I make my decisions based upon my needs and wants, with a little wisdom derived from my previous experiences/mistakes/successes and, to the best of my ability, in accordance with my principles.
Day 10 – Question 2
What effect have your decisions had on your life?
They (and the combined sum total of all my experiences) have brought me to the place I am today!
Day 10 – Question 3
How can you become more aware of your choices?
Thinking before acting and reflecting upon decisions made after they have been made. Acknowledging the consequences of my actions.
Day 10 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
Today’s thought and meditation session was an easy one for me to “get into to”. I am not sure if it was because of the concept itself or because I am relaxing into this process, but I suspect it was a combination of both.

Day 11

Day 11 – Question 1
How hard do you believe you must work to enjoy true abundance?
I am starting to believe that I probably don’t have to work as hard as I once thought. If I simply look at my employment situation, I have never felt less pressure or more capable of handling my job… and I achieve consistently good results, yet I dedicate less time and far less emotional energy in general than I did in my previous position. And I am far happier (which really is the most important thing). It is still going to be a challenge to shake my “good girl”, performance driven tendencies, however.
Day 11 – Question 2
In what areas of your life would you like to experience more abundance?
All of them, really. Relationships (all types), health, happiness, opportunities (including things that money can buy), areas of creative expression… could go on! I am happier today than I have ever been, I think. But still feel I have a long way to go to reach fulfillment and contentment. I still have fears and concerns… and self-imposed limitations. And I’d like to be done with the endless mind chatter, thank you very much!
Day 11 – Question 3
What changes would you have to make to release your desires into universal consciousness, the source of all abundance?
I think this requires a leap of faith and a surrendering of sorts. I don’t know what I can practically do other than practice doing this…perhaps “acting as if” until I truly “get it”.
Day 11 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
I felt positive doing this today!

Day 12

Day 12 – Question 1
What is the highest intention you have for your life?
To be the best, happiest, kindest, most useful, most loving, most nurturing, most peaceful, most healthy and fulfilled ME that I can be.
Day 12 – Question 2
What steps have you taken to manifest that intention?
I work on myself and try to be aware of where I am at with all of these areas of my life. But I love the idea of sending out that intention… so that it is up to infinite abundance to provide for me, rather than for me to be so performance driven. It really makes sense!
Day 12 – Question 3
How will this intention best serve you and others?
It will bring me to a place where I am happy with myself and most able to bring joy to others!
Day 12 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
This is an interesting “aside”, but my little one was having a rough night last night… really, he just couldn’t settle or sleep and was absolutely exhausted. My husband was trying to settle him in the nursery (where he is currently sleeping too) and I thought I’d give something a go. At around 2:30am we all got into our bed and I played this meditation on my computer so that we could all hear it. Baby boy fell asleep! This has probably been my favourite session so far. I loved the guided meditation part.

… Happily moving forward. Progress not perfection, as they say 😉

11 thoughts on “THE CHOPRA CENTER 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE (Creating Abundance- my experiences, part 2)

  1. A very lovely post. It is most definitely the meditation that helps us in periods of frustrations within our busy lives. This post was so soothing and the quotations are calming.

    • Oh, do let me know if you sign up! Be interesting to get your thoughts on the process. I think it’s very worthwhile personally… and it takes 15 minutes a day… and it’s free! Not much to lose 😉 All the best! x

    • One of the nice things is that if you miss a day or two, the sessions remain online. Did you see that you can also download them (for a small cost) if you like? We are considering doing that as even though at this point I am getting through each day, I still feel like I am missing lots and that I should probably repeat quite a few sessions. All the best 🙂

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