SIMPLE POP-UP CARD (AKA sweet sentiment)

My husband specifically said “no presents” as his birthday approached this year. Not only is our second baby on the way and our budget is tightening somewhat, but he truly believes he has everything he needs (not a bad place to be, really). He does appreciate any efforts I go to however, so I thought I’d embrace yet another item on the Project Pinterest agenda… a pop-up card! I found this template but rather than print it out and follow it exactly, I roughly sketched my own based on the original design. I used plain red drawing paper for the actual pop-up and the background was a thick handmade sheet of A5 sized paper with pressed flowers. I wrote on the back of the card to keep the inside pop-up page clean and simple.

An easy, inexpensive, meaningful and cute little handmade token of love

Happy birthday, dear hubby!

7 thoughts on “SIMPLE POP-UP CARD (AKA sweet sentiment)

  1. Thank you! When my husband told me he didn’t want me to buy him a present, I knew I wanted to make him something and I’d pinned this card on Pintrest ages ago… so it seemed like the perfect time to actually do it 🙂

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