My menu for today:

Creamy oat and quinoa porridge
Made with organic oats and quinoa, organic dried apple, raw agave syrup and organic soya milk.

Leftover organic spaghetti with homemade organic tomato and basil sauce.

Nak’d chocolate orange bar.

Falafel with green salad, flat bread and homemade hummus.

2 scoops of TofuLine chocolate ice-cream and another small piece of organic vegan orange chocolate. Fresh fruit salad.

2 thoughts on “ONE-WEEK VEGAN ADVENTURE: day 7

    • Hi Debbie! Sorry for the delayed response (I am traveling abroad right now). I think that if everyone gave veganism a go (even if just for a week as we did), it would open their eyes to a whole new way of eating/thinking about food… and that, if they were prepared to do a little research and experimentation in the kitchen, they would be pleasantly surprised… just as I was! I plan to write a follow-up post to discuss some of the lasting impacts/impressions of the week some time in the near future. All the best to you!

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