As this is the first entirely vegan day of my adventure, I will detail my daily menu here:

Creamy oat and quinoa porridge
Made organic oats and quinoa, chopped organic dried apricots, raw agave syrup and organic rice milk.

Leftover veggie chilli (ah, the beauty of making large batches of food!) with a mixed green salad of lettuce, ruccola, cucumber, red onion and lemon, a handful of organic corn chips, some steamed rice and organic tomato salsa.

Small piece of Plamil organic vegan dark mint chocolate.

Redwood vegan quarter pounders with soy-cheese (mozzarella style) slices , fresh garden salad, organic tomato sauce, served on organic buckwheat and rice bread (spread with soy margarine) with french fries on the side.

2 scoops of TofuLine blueberry ice-cream and another small piece of Plamil organic vegan dark mint chocolate.

The verdict at the end of day 2? So far, so yummy! And easy-peasy to boot!

2 thoughts on “ONE-WEEK VEGAN ADVENTURE: day 2

    • Hi Debbie! I am fortunate to live close to a few really great stores that have lots of tasty and inspiring healthy food products. That combined with so many great online sources for yummy vegan recipes has made it very easy for me thus far 🙂

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