BABY’S TOY BOX, PART 1 (AKA a friendly T-Rex)

A friendly T-Rex

When I worked as a nanny, travelling around Europe a few years ago, I would occupy some of my time while my charge slept by drawing her toys. When I left the position to return home, I presented her family with a scrapbook filled with photographs I’d taken during our time together and the drawings of the toys. Her mother cried. Years later when I visited them again, the little girl and I went through the scrapbook together and she was fascinated, asking me question upon question about what she was like as a baby and what we had done together.

I realised the other day that I would like to be able to give my little boy a similar memento of his early years. My five month-old bundle of joy already greets his bumblebee toy* as one would an old friend. Well, perhaps not. I don’t slobber all over my old friends… but I do see the happy look of recognition on his face 🙂 .

So I plan to draw my baby’s toys and create 2D toy box of sorts that he’ll be able to enjoy looking at some day. Who knows, I may even create a story around these little illustrations and turn them into a book. Ah, the possibilities 😉 !

Here is addition number 1; a friendly T-Rex (IRL a knitted critter with felt tongue, teeth and claws).

*I’m glad that we have a spare, should we ever lose “the original”!

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