ALL-VEG EDAMAME PASTA WITH FRESH TOMATO, KALE & OLIVE SAUCE (gluten-free, 100% plant-based)… and a work-life update

Before we get to this most simple and tasty of pasta recipes, I want to chat about a couple of things (skip ahead if this bores you, I don’t mind!). Firstly, I have been sadly absent here for far too long. As always, when I am away from this blog for any length of time, […]

CHOCOLATE-FILLED CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES (AKA can you really go wrong with 3 types of chocolate?)

My husband’s birthday was a simple affair this year. After a long day/week in the office he decided that a visit from his close family, some take-away food and a comfy spot on the couch were all that he wanted in the way of a birthday celebration. I, on the other hand, think that no […]