PEACH & STRAWBERRY MUFFIN BAKED OATS (+ a couple of foodie reflections on Byron Bay)

Firstly, a Happy Easter Monday to all who are celebrating! The recipe that follows below is simple, delicious breakfast treat; one that definitely errs on the side of wholesome in the midst of chocolate-drenched April. Secondly, I apologise in advance if the next few posts I write defy the laws of chronology, but such is life […]


The purpose of this post is simple. I receive many questions/comments about the subject of inspiration. If you saw my post about etiquette on social media, you know I believe that the more you exercise your creative mind, the “fitter” it becomes. I create mood boards ALL the time. In case you didn’t know, I’m an […]


Ah, yes… the inevitable thrills and spills of a glamorous day at home on maternity leave (ie, sporting a side ponytail, wearing tracksuit pants and breast feeding the baby on the couch whilst watching an Oprah re-run on the telly). This episode of Oprah, The One-Week Vegan Challenge, piqued my curiosity enough so that I […]

RUSTIC COCONUT CHOCOLATE BARS (AKA ‘I never need to buy a Bounty bar again!’ part 2)

I did it! Yes, no less than  two days after dreaming up a reconstructed Bounty bar using my coconut macaroon recipe, it has materialised in my kitchen (shame on me!). The results are nothing to be sniffed at. Moist, fluffy, coconutty and chocolately, they are less sticky-sweet than the factory produced, plastic-wrapped original that inspired […]

COCONUT MACAROONS WITH RASPBERRY DARK CHOCOLATE (AKA ‘I never need to buy a Bounty bar again!’, part 1)

A spontaneous weekend afternoon tea with friends calls for an easy, quick and impressively yummy homemade treat. A friend had recently given me a lovely block of 70% cocoa fair-trade chocolate infused with raspberry. I decided to take a chance on a recipe I’d seen a long time ago for kockostoppar (Swedish for coconut macaroons). […]

TORTA DELLA NONNA (AKA a slice of sunshine)

My second blog entry and recipe number one contains, among other ingredients, marzipan. It’s appropriate given my blog title, no? Surprisingly perhaps, I am not a huge marzipan fan, but it has really grown on me since I moved to Europe and I definitely appreciate its almond-y goodness in certain sweet treats. This is one […]