I have now reached week 35 of this amazing third pregnancy and my focus is (rather naturally) on nesting, resting and comfort food… lots of it too! It’s hard to believe it was exactly 3 years ago that I was starting to breathe deeply again, knowing I was at the tail end of my high risk […]


A muffin for breakfast with a delicious twist! For a while I have been mentioning my favourite recipes on Instagram, and I am finally playing catch-up and starting to post them, as promised. When I posed the question yesterday, “Which of my baked porridge recipes would you like to see next?”, the winner – by Instagram comment […]

BLUEBERRY DANISH (AKA Do try this at home)

Another of my Project Pinterest must-do’s for my husband’s birthday brunch, modified from a recipe that seemed (and proved to be) simple in execution and fun to make! The main modification I make is a steep reduction in the amount of almond extract (which, in the amounts specified in the original recipe, can make for cloyingly sweet, overly […]

STUFFED, BAKED CIABATTA (an all-in-one full hot breakfast)

My husband’s birthday was celebrated at home with family this year. I was “released” from full bed rest (which I was placed on due to pregnancy-related issues caused by a subchorionic hematoma) two days before the event. After being largely immobile for over two months, I couldn’t wait to get back into a little light […]


Whilst perusing the Donna Hay website, I came across a lovely image with accompanying directions for flavouring water using green apple and mint leaves, raspberries, or lemongrass and ginger. There is nothing revolutionary about this idea, but I found myself inspired by its pretty simplicity. Peeking expectantly into my seldom-opened freezer bottom drawer, I discovered […]