MISS MARZIPAN IN PASTRY SCHOOL (“Whaaa…?”, I hear you think)

Hello lovely people! I have so much to share, very little time left before bed, and I don’t really know where to start, so this is just a short and sweet* sneak preview of my recent pastry school adventures. Still on maternity leave and trying to complete personal graphic design projects, spend as much quality time with the children as […]

AN EVENING WITH MAGNUS JOHANSSON (AKA sweet dreams come true for local food hero)

Last week I had the privilege to attend an event hosted by Sjöstadens Folketshusförening featuring internationally renowned pastry chef Magnus Johansson, whose bakery recently opened in my neighbourhood (lucky me!) and in whose studio the event was held. Magnus Johansson is arguably Sweden’s most famous pastry chef and has been, among other ridiculously accomplished things, responsible for the Nobel Prize dinner dessert for 10 […]