HERE’S TO A FABULOUS 2016! (my annual visualisation mood board)

As New Year’s Eve rolls around again, the item on the top of my to-do list (aside from cooking!) has been the creation of my annual visualisation mood board! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is the perfect way for a “visual person” to set a positive intention for the coming year and far better than creating a list of New Year’s resolutions, in my opinion.

And it works. Really.

I am, noticing a pattern, however. All of my mood boards from the past few years bear a striking similarity in theme and content. And this coming year’s mood board includes images I took during 2015 which, I suppose, is a fair indication that I am already happy with “my lot”.

And indeed I am 🙂


You can easily create your own using images sourced online** and a page layout program such as InDesign, make one using magazine images and ye olde cut-and-paste method or, if really pressed for time, why not create a Pinterest board called “2016” and cram it with pins of the things you’d like to fill your life with this coming year?

Here’s to the New Year! May your 2016 be happy, healthy and love-filled!

 MM xx

*Borrowing yet again from my post back in 2012! Ultra lazy of me, I know 😉
** Picture credits: I have included images by I Quit SugarJasmine DowlingDonna HayJamie Oliver and loads of others (without credits attached, sourced from Tumblr). Please let me know if one of these images is yours so I can credit you! x

Previous mood boards:

8 thoughts on “HERE’S TO A FABULOUS 2016! (my annual visualisation mood board)

    • I can’t believe I am responding to this comment so belatedly! I apologise and thank you for the lovely wishes! I did have a very beautiful year (with lots of love and sunshine too!)… new home, new baby, new possibilities. And, at the same time, there were big questions that had to be asked and lots of reflection. So it was challenging too. And globally it was an incredibly tumultuous year (I think many people *felt* that). I hope you had a truly wonderful year… and that 2017 is even better! 🙂 x

  1. I’ve never done a mood board but I think I’ve seen this on your blog before. A great idea. It would actually be a great activity for my kids during the school holidays. My son starts high school and my daughter has made it into a selective primary school so they both have fresh starts.
    I can’t even begin to visualise this coming year until I’ve got them settled. I’m fine with that. Have a lot to get sorted on the home front while enjoying the holidays with the kids and doing my writing.
    Best wishes for the New Year xx Rowena

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