PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 4 (The “Just breathe” Edition)

Well, it might not seem like I am up to an awful lot (particularly given that I am on temporary sick leave and apparently have lots of time on my hands), however it is precisely due to the SCH diagnosis that I have an obligation to myself and my baby to take it rather easy. So, with that in mind, I am giving myself some breathing space this week.

I have genuinely enjoyed getting stuck into Project Pinterest, Week 3‘s to-do list, and want to continue with some of those ongoing projects at a slow and steady pace. So, rather than adding a whole separate list of activities here, I will simply do what I can do this week and see where it takes me. If there’s time and energy left over for some extra cooking/baking (ok, so I made these)/crafting/reading/drawing or what-have-you, I will gladly add the project here. If not, I will just breathe ;).

Just breathe

Week 1 Just do it!
Week 2 The Halloween Edition
Week 3 The Big Fat Pregnancy Edition

11 thoughts on “PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 4 (The “Just breathe” Edition)

    • Thank you very much 🙂 I agree… it’s the old “human being” vs “human doing” thing, right? I mean, I love doing “stuff”, but somewhere in amongst all the doing must exist a little space to just “be” 🙂 x

    • Aw, thanks I will 🙂 You rest well too 🙂 I have spent a quiet day writing, reflecting, listening to pregnancy affirmations and doing a little meditation- so far, so good 😉

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