PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 3 (The Big Fat Pregnancy Edition)

After last week’s veritable baking frenzy I have decided to step away from the sugar packet and focus more on all things pregnancy-related. I have been pleasantly surprised thus far at how easy it is to be motivated by my weekly Project Pinterest boards and how simply having a visual cues (in the form of thumbnail images) provides an extra boost of inspiration, not found on written to-do lists. So far, so good with all the projects I have aimed to undertake. Let’s see what the next 7 days reveal, shall we?

My ‘Week 3’ challenge board includes:

• Reading the book A Guide to Liberating Your Soul, by Richard Barrett (who I have known as “Uncle Richard” since I was little, on account of his friendship with my parents)
• More veggie cooking with inspiration from River Cottage Veg Every Day! 
• Getting stuck into Hypnobabies, revisiting Tara Lee’s Pregnancy Health Yoga DVD (for the breathing exercises only as I am activity-restricted due to the SCH) and doing some major catching up on journal/pregnancy journal writing
• Continuing belly art design brainstorming
• Continuing the amigurumi dragon and bunny toys for both my babies
• Organising photographs
• Collecting my very first Esty purchase (that’s if it arrives!); a cute maternity top
• Using a Kindle (borrowed) for the first time to start ticking off a list of must-read books!

2 thoughts on “PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 3 (The Big Fat Pregnancy Edition)

    • I loved it too… I wasn’t able to have the birth experience I wanted in the end with my baby #1, but am still so glad I did Hypnobabies 🙂 I will be posting about it this week 🙂

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