BABY BLUES? (AKA pretty polish shades)

I am not one of those “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” mums, but for some reason, just since the birth of my little boy in March I have developed a penchant for blue nail polish shades. Blue (from pastels to darkest midnight shades) has been my personal, to use a fashion term, “colour story” for the Spring/Summer season of 2011.

Nail colour palette Spring/Summer 2011- baby blues!

Clockwise from left to right:
Mavala– BABY BLUE (cream)
Isadora– MIAMI BLUE (cream)
Isadora– OCEAN DRIVE (cream)
Depend– 246 (cream)
Mavala– MARINE BLUE (pearl)
Mavala– DEEP BLUE (pearl)
Lumene Natural Code– PARTY ON (pearl)

DIY manicures= money saved. At my local salon (which is hardly high-end) a simple ‘file and polish’ costs around 175 SEK (Swedish kronor), or a little more than 27 USD. Meanwhile, it is no problem to find great nail polishes on sale for around 30 SEK a pop (and when I am not on maternity leave, I actually work for a cosmetics company, which means generous discounts and occasional freebies). This means that I should never have to feel bad about treating myself to a new little pot of colour every once in a while (and I am already “feeling” oranges/reds/burgundies are on the cards as we move into Autumn)!

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