My menu for today:

Creamy oat and quinoa porridge
Made with organic oats and quinoa, chopped organic dried apricots, raw agave syrup and organic rice milk.

Leftover veggie chilli (yep, there was still more!) served with a handful of organic corn chips, some steamed rice and chunky organic tomato salsa.

Slice of organic buckwheat and rice bread toast, spread with organic creamy peanut butter.

Red lentil and vegetable soup
Made with organic red lentils, organic olive oil and organic vegan stock.

2 scoops of TofuLine blueberry ice-cream and a small piece of Plamil organic vegan dark mint chocolate.

Not only are the vegan ready-made “dairy replacement” products I have tried thus far proving to be delicious by and large, but today’s new recipe discovery/experiment of the unbelievably delicious, healthy and super-satisfying red lentil and vegetable soup has been a real gift! I am feeling healthy and inspired.

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