Have you ever watched an episode of MasterChef and wondered how you would fare in a challenge?

Ever come across inspirational ideas online and thought to yourself “I’d like to give that a go… maybe one day… if I can find the time…”?

Have you pondered the satisfaction one must glean from making pesto from scratch, successfully baking a batch of macarons, wrapping a present “fancifully” or setting a festively-themed table for a dinner party with friends?

Have you imagined crocheting a toy for your child, making your own cleaning products (environmentally friendly, of course), creating artwork for your home or decorating perfect cupcakes for a party?

If you find yourself mentally nodding “yes” in response to any of the above questions, then I say, “Hello friend! You and I have something in common!”

I expect this blog to evolve as an online journal for creative experiments and “everyday adventures”, that will hopefully motivate me to tick off some of my what-ifs and explore a craftier side of myself. So if you, like me, find yourself filled with the inspiration to realise some little dreams on the creative/domestic front, feel free to join me as I venture boldly into the realms of doing it myself!

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