AMAZING SUGAR COOKIES (and how to decorate them with fondant)

There were 3 things that I offered my blessingway guests as thank you gifts; a scented candle, a choice of accessories (bags, scarves, etc.) and these cookies! I have wanted an excuse to make fondant-covered cookies for some time and this occasion was the perfect one. I am so incredibly happy with this sugar cookie recipe (modified from one found at Karen’s Cookies), that I don’t think I’ll ever use another! These cookies worked perfectly, holding their shape and making them perfect for decorating with fondant. Moreover, they are absolutely delicious! I used the same fondant as for my cupcake decorations, so everything was perfectly colour-coordinated. I have received lots of lovely compliments about them post-party and will definitely be making these cookies again!
They’re amazing, I promise you! I particularly love that they don’t spread/crack (which makes them perfect for decorating) AND that they taste divine, of course!


2.5 dl butter, softened
2.5 dl granulated sugar white, processed in food processor for 30 seconds
½ tsp salt
1 large egg
1 large egg yolk
2 tsp vanilla extract
A couple of drops almond extract
6 dl all-purpose flour




  • Cream butter, sugar and salt with mixer set at medium speed for about 3 minutes or until light and fluffy.
  • Add yolk and mix well. Add whole egg, vanilla and almond extract and mix until well-incorporated.
  • Add flour, mixing at a low speed until just combined. Do not over-mix!
  • Divide dough in halves and wrap in cling film.
  • Refrigerate until firm (at least one hour and up to 2 days).
  • Preheat oven to 190 degrees C.
  • Dust work surface and rolling-pin with flour. Roll dough to about half a centimeter thickness, sprinkling with additional flour as needed to prevent sticking. Cut into desired shapes and place on baking paper-lined trays.
  • Bake in preheated oven until cookies appear dry on the surface and are light golden brown on the edges, about 10 minutes (very large cookies may take up to 12 or 13 minutes).
  • Remove from oven and, if covering with fondant, work quickly to cover each cookie while they are still hot (see instructions for fondant-covered cookies below). Allow to cool.
  • *Recipe adapted from this fabulous one from Karen’s Cookies.

    For those who are interesting in decorating sugar cookies with rolled fondant, these are the steps I took:

    1. Roll out fondant on clean surface (I used a silicone mat) lightly dusted with a mix of corn flour and icing sugar. The fondant should be rather thin, but still opaque in appearance.
    2. Lightly dust an impression mat with corn flour and icing sugar mix and place lightly on top of fondant. With a large rolling-pin roll firmly in one direction one time only.
    3. Remove impression mat.
    4. Using the same cutter that you will use for your cookies, cut shapes from fondant.
    5. Keep cut-out shapes under plastic (I used a ziplock bag). Fondant dries out very quickly so this is important!
    6. Roll out your cookie dough directly onto baking paper and cut out shapes, removing excess dough. As these cookies don’t spread, this is a time-saving way to prepare them for baking.
    7. Bake according to directions in recipe above and as soon as the cookies are removed from the oven, cover them with your pre-cut fondant shapes. The heat from the cookies with melt the bases just enough to adhere the fondant to the cookie without the use of any gel/jam.
    8. When cookies are cooled, brush on edible pearl/glitter dust with a clean, dry small paint brush.
    9. If presenting as a gift, package in cellophane bags and tie with ribbon.



    58 thoughts on “AMAZING SUGAR COOKIES (and how to decorate them with fondant)

      • Oh, you’re so sweet! I had some very kind comments along the lines of “too pretty to eat” and reports that they were yummy,so I was very happy indeed :-) Merry Christmas to you and yours xx

    1. They look beautiful – my daughter loves to make cookies with fondant icing. I have never seen an impression mat, only the patterned rolling pins, will look out for them now. Happy Christmas!

    2. Tried to make this cookies by converting everything in grams. I love how they taste. The only thing was that they didn’t hold their shape. Did I use not enough flour? Please help.

      • Oh, I am so sorry yours did not hold their shape! Glad you like the taste though. Flour quantities could be the culprit. The only thing I can suggest is to use the dl (deciliter) measurements as per the recipe rather than to try convert to grams.
        I assume that, if you use grams, you use the metric system where you are?
        100 ml is equal to 1 dl (deciliter), so if you can use ml/dl measurements instead then these *should* work for you the way they did for me.
        As mentioned at the bottom of the recipe, I adapted it from this one:

        Perhaps you want to take a look at that (though, again, if you are using the metric system as I do, mine is probably easier to follow).
        I truly hope that helps! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do!

        • I just finished trying to measure 600ml flour. I tried not to shake the measuring cup too much otherwise I will end with too much flour:-). But I already saw that 600ml flour is more in weight than I used the first time. Maybe I also should roll out the dough less thin, I did about 5mm and maybe it is too thin. I really want too sort it out because this cookies really have the best taste. Keep you posted.

        • So happy you are trying them again :)!
          Truly hope you find the measurements I gave work for you too. Maybe try a couple of test cookies… one rolled 5mm, one a little thicker and see if it makes a difference?
          I made some cookies thinner than others (some of my little blossom ones were deliberately thinner than the larger, fondant covered ones) and neither size nor thickness affected spreading in any way. But it could be worth testing in any case.
          What I hope is that the adjustment in the amount of flour does the trick for you :)

    3. Just baked them again, this time they kept their shape :-)
      I measured 6 dl of flour (and weighed it so next time I can use it in grams :-)) and immediately saw that it was more than using a conversion table. The only other I used was powdered sugar as I have no food processor. I weighed 2.5 dl granulated sugar and used that weight in powdered sugar.
      Thank you for the recipe!

      • Oh, sterre! I am SO happy to hear this!!! :D
        I plan to start using gram measurements in my recipes as they are more precise (and in that way better when it comes to the chemistry of baking!).
        Thank you for trying the recipe again and I am so happy that you got a good result. Really appreciate your comments, questions and feedback. All the best to you!

        • Thank you. I love this recipe because the cookies are stlll crispy instead of a floury stiff consistency (don’t know how to explain it better) of all the other famous recipes I tried. This really is the best! I made a batch with vanilla extract and a batch with orange extract and even my husband loves them!

        • You’ve made my day! Thanks for the lovely feedback! :)
          I have just started a Miss Marzpian Pinterest account and will slowly start adding pics from my favourite recipes/projects there if you ever feel like checking it out (and don’t have time to go through all my blog contents ;))
          All the very best!

        • Would you be able to share the recipe converted into grams? I’m not sure if my kitchen scale does dl. Would really appreciate it if you have that :)

        • Hi Connie! Thanks for the question! The next time I make them I promise to convert to grams! In the meantime as you use grams I am assuming metric measurements are ok? Dl is just an abbreviation we use here for “decilitre” or 1/10 of a litre, or 100 ml.
          So if you can use millilitre measurements then you wont need scales, just cups that can measure mls.

          Here’s the recipe with ml measurements instead:

          250 ml butter, softened
          250 ml granulated sugar white, processed in food processor for 30 seconds
          ½ tsp salt
          1 large egg
          1 large egg yolk
          2 tsp vanilla extract
          A couple of drops almond extract
          600 ml all-purpose flour

          Really hope that helps and that you like the result! :) xx

    4. Gorgeous cookie and a wonderful picture tutorial!! I have never tried this but you make it so clear and do-able, I am going to give it a go soon! Thank you for sharing!! I have pinned this and shared it!

      • Sorry for the delayed response! I have been travelling and pretty slack about checking in recently. To answer your question, I cannot say with certainty that the recipe will work as perfectly with margarine as it does with butter… it will probably take some tweaking. If you have a dietary requirement that makes margarine preferable and you don’t mind a bit of experimenting, it may be worth a go. Do let me know if you try it and it works for you. The ingredients I have listed, in the quantities noted (and in my oven) work perfectly for me… I can only hope that other people are happy with the results they get at home. And it would be wonderful to know if adjustments such as replacing the butter can be made successfully :) All the best to you!

      • Hi again, Marie! I have tried to comment on your post but can’t do it for some reason. I just wanted to congratulate you on a great party for Moonpie! :) Looks like the cookies were a hit! I use a mix of icing sugar and cornflour in a dusting pouch to dust surfaces with… helps prevent sticking but doesn’t coat the cookies. Best wishes x

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