I QUIT SUGAR 8-WEEK PROGRAM, ROUND 3 (Clean Week and beyond in review)

It has now been a few weeks since the last round (my third) of the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program wrapped up, and although there where similarities between this round and previous ones I have participated in, on a personal note, some new things certainly came to light. As always, the recipes were wonderful and the […]

THE COMPLETE BLESSINGWAY ROUND-UP (with LOTS of FREE printables, great blessingway/baby shower activities + links to all recipes & tutorials)

So, Baby Cupcake is due to make an appearance in the world in less than 4 weeks (yes, less than 28 days!). After having had complications from the very start (plus a diagnosed high risk pregnancy condition) and spending months literally counting down the days to full-term, I finally find myself on its doorstep. And now […]


It feels like it’s been a ridiculously long time ago since I posted. Of course it hasn’t really… it’s just that I have been doing so many little Project Pinterest tasks over the past week, I have not had time to write about any of them. So here’s my attempt at a starting place! 5 […]

PROJECT PINTEREST (2 editions in 1!)

It’s that time of year… and it’s all happening! Actually, it has been since Halloween! Of course, I have created more work for myself by starting a crafting circle (which meets in my home), celebrating Thanksgiving (sort of) which I have never done before and is not traditional in this part of the world and agreeing […]

PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 6 (The Thanksgiving for Dummies Edition)

I blame popular culture/American films, the Facebook status updates of friends in the US, pregnancy hormones (yes, that old chestnut) and Pinterest for giving me the insane notion of hosting a Thanksgiving-themed afternoon at my place… next weekend! I have never celebrated Thanksgiving in my life! As someone who grew up in Australia and now […]