ABOUT TO BOARD THE “I QUIT SUGAR” TRAIN FOR THE 8-WEEK PROGRAM (plus weekly menu planner template for FREE downloading!)

Before I start the official IQS 8-week program on June 5, I thought I’d share a meal plan that I came up with, doing IQS solo-style a few weeks ago, using I Quit Sugar For Life as a guide-book, along with inspiration from Sarah Wilson’s blog, Instagram account and the IQS website. If you take a look at the […]

PROJECT PINTEREST, WEEK 6 (The Thanksgiving for Dummies Edition)

I blame popular culture/American films, the Facebook status updates of friends in the US, pregnancy hormones (yes, that old chestnut) and Pinterest for giving me the insane notion of hosting a Thanksgiving-themed afternoon at my place… next weekend! I have never celebrated Thanksgiving in my life! As someone who grew up in Australia and now […]