DIY DAY OF THE DEAD SUGAR SKULL TREAT BOXES (they’re spooky, sparkly & perfect for Halloween!)

What an amazing time of the year this is! Autumn landscapes and harvest festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving… so many things to celebrate. Here in Sweden, All Saints’ Day (Alla helgons dag) is traditionally a quiet day of sombre reflection… dignified (in a typically Scandinavian fashion). Lighting candles at family grave sites is a widely practised custom. I […]

BABY’S TOY BOX, PART 2 (AKA cheeky monkey)

Here is Baby’s Toy Box addition number 2; a cheeky monkey (IRL a small plush toy that hangs by the tail from my baby’s play gym). “Cheeky monkey” is something I call my baby sometimes when he gives me a cheeky smile or does something funny. And he loves his cheeky monkey toy. It was […]

BABY’S TOY BOX, PART 1 (AKA a friendly T-Rex)

When I worked as a nanny, travelling around Europe a few years ago, I would occupy some of my time while my charge slept by drawing her toys. When I left the position to return home, I presented her family with a scrapbook filled with photographs I’d taken during our time together and the drawings of the […]