INSPIRED BY CRAFT SUPPLIES (card making by going with the flow)

Have you ever walked into a craft supply store and felt overwhelmed with inspiration and yet at a loss for a place to start? As a newbie crafter (who hardly ever gets the chance to craft), this is my experience… almost every time I venture into my local Panduro. The other week when I did, however, I said to myself “To heck with it!”, and went ahead and randomly selected a bunch of things that took my fancy with no concrete idea of what I was going to make or how it would come together. Just as I was about to head for the check-out, I remembered an upcoming wedding, an end of term school assembly and the impending birth of my first niece and grabbed two packets of coloured plain cards and envelopes. And so began a day of joyous (if not somewhat intense) card making.


As someone who has had extremely limited experience making cards with scrapbooking supplies, I decided to just let my imagination and the colours/forms/patterns of the things I had purchased guide me through the process. I particularly loved selecting papers that created contrasting yet somehow harmonious combinations and fabricating embellishments using a variety of materials such as paper flowers, diamantes, lace, feathers and ribbon. Adding charms to all of this may be taking things a step too far for some, but not for me. I found that gorgeous little silver owls, teapot and tea-cup charms and gold bells (that I had leftover from Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies) were lovely accents to add. Matching up papers with completed embellishments was exciting. I approached the whole process much as I do cake decorating by having the embellishments/decorations ready to go first, but adding them last.

These super-colourful and whimsical designs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the intended recipients, I think they were well-suited. In any case, the process was incredibly enjoyable, more so than I ever imagined such a pastime could be, and I made 8 cards within a relatively short period of time (considering I was completely winging it and just having fun). And I know for a fact that the cards I made have been deeply appreciated by those who have received them (I just received another heartfelt thank you today from one recipient).

I don’t know if I’ll ever be a super-organised crafter, but I know for certain that I enjoy crafting in a free-style manner. I only wish I had the time to create *something* new everyday!


The materials I used included:

Owl charms (pack of 6)

Tea-cup and teapot charms (pack of 4)

Coloured feathers (pack of 40)

Ribbon and lace set

Paper flowers (though not this colour)

Scrapbooking paper pad (Stamps & Flowers)

Plus square cards and envelopes.
Diamantes I had on hand already.


I purchased quite a few items and when you shop as I did (ie, completely spontaneously), things can really add up. And so I was very curious to work out in real terms what each card cost to make (minus my time, of course).

Charms: 6 – 10 sek each, on average 8 sek/card

Feathers: approx. 1.5 sek/card

Ribbon: approx. 4 sek/card

Paper flowers: approx. 2 sek/card

Diamantes: approx. 2 sek/card

Card and envelope: 10 sek

Scrapbooking paper: approx. 3.25 sek/card

Approximate total cost per card =
30.75 sek

(or 3.53 Euro, 4.61 USD or 5.09 AUD)

I could easily spend that much or more purchasing a greeting card from a store and would not get the satisfaction I do from creating something myself… nor would the recipients of my cards receive a completely original and unique design created just for them. So in my estimation card making is a cost-effective hobby to pursue! 😉


24 thoughts on “INSPIRED BY CRAFT SUPPLIES (card making by going with the flow)

  1. They really are the cutest cards; the little charms are adorable. Home made cards are usually cost effective, but I find, as you have, that the true value is in the joy you get in making the card and the joy the recipient gets from that very special card.

    • Oh, thank you so much 🙂 I totally agree that the cost-effectiveness is not as important as the emotional aspect of making/giving/receiving something homemade 🙂 x

  2. These are so pretty! I teach after school classes and thought it would be fun to offer a card making class. I like your ideas and have plenty of materials in my many craft boxes. 🙂

  3. great post Miss M! I’m always clipping out design and craft ideas that I like from magazines, but never get around to doing them. Maybe homemade cards would be a good place to start. 🙂

    • thank you! yes, I do think they are a nice place to start… not so time consuming and rather practical as you can use them for their intended purpose immediately or save for just the right occasion 🙂 x

  4. How pretty – this post makes me what to dig out all my paper craft things and start making cards! Thank you for the inspiration Miss Marzipan 🙂
    Tarja x

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