THANK YOU TAGS FOR PRETTY GIFT BAGS (& a free download for you!)

My blessingway/baby shower was yesterday (it was lovely :)) and now I finally have time to post about all the projects I undertook in preparation for the day. As there were so many little projects, I really don’t know where to start, but I suppose here is as good a place as any ;). I really wanted my little gathering to not only be a celebration of motherhood, but also a “thank you” to some close friends and family members who have supported me throughout this pregnancy (and my previous one too). Candles tend to feature prominently in blessingways and, as such, I thought it fitting that each of my guests should be given one to take home. I thought it would be lovely if each thank you tag had a blessing on the reverse side; something that I wish for my baby and for all those near and dear to me. Each blessing was unique and people selected their candle gifts randomly.

I purchased the candles at IKEA (a great place to go if you’re trying to colour-coordinate an event!). They were perfect; lovely shade of purple, a pleasant cherry scent and 25 hours of burning time. The thank you tags I designed using Adobe Illustrator in the theme colours of my blessingway (purple and green) with the motif I had chosen for the day (a butterfly).

Download your own FREE copy of the design I made here, print and make your own gift bag tags! 🙂


  1. Using a 3 inch scalloped paper punch, create the bases for your tags from colour coordinated card.
  2. Punch a hole in the top of each base. Carefully cut out the thank you labels from the printed template.
  3. Using a glue stick, adhere each thank you label to the scalloped edge bases.
  4. If desired, place a message on the reverse side too. Tie a piece of a ribbon (approximately 60cm in length) around your gift bag to seal it, then thread both ends of ribbon through the punched hole of the tag, tying a bow to secure it prettily in place.


Don’t forget to download your free printable template here!

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