THE CHOPRA CENTER 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE (Creating Abundance- my experiences, part 3)

Monday was to mark the official completion of the Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Creating Abundance, but then Deepak threw in a cheeky extra bonus session (thank you!), so that brought me up to 22 days of meditation and reflection using this wonderful, free forum. I am a little sad that it has come to an end and I am very tempted to buy the downloadable program… and, in fact, the whole Happiness Trilogy pack looks very tempting! Amidst all the action of Project Pinterest, weeks 7 & 8, I find myself grateful that it will be another week until the last of the 21-Day Challenge sessions is removed from the Chopra Center site. In the meantime, I continue to revisit sessions I have completed already. I use them sometimes to help me sleep at night and other times as a positive way to start my day. A 15 minute daily investment in oneself is not a tall order… and it seems to great pay dividends. I hope that in some way I am able to keep up the practice far beyond the Creating Abundance challenge.

Happiness Trilogy- available for download now

The remainder of this post is a copy from my online journal plus the “centering thought” for each day:

Day 13

Day 13 – Question 1
Which symbols of abundance do your desire?

Health, happiness, peace of mind
Day 13 – Question 2
How would they enhance your life, and the lives of others?

If I was more centered and happy, I’d have more to give others no doubt. The idea of scarcity and competition and so on would be drowned out by the deep knowledge that there is enough to go around… for every soul.
Day 13 – Question 3
In what other ways can you envision this emotion of wellbeing in your life?

I can imagine channelling it into all that I do, from how I parent my children, to how I work, to how I eat/care for myself, etc.
Day 13 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.

I think I am starting to understand how letting go of my own agenda and trusting more that things will be ok/my needs will be met/I will be presented with the best opportunities for me is the right way to go. Will take me practice to get there!

Day 14

Day 14

Day 14 – Question 1
What brings you the most joy?
Day 14 – Question 2
In your current chosen work, how do you experience this joy?
When I am feeling connected, when trust is invested in me or I am afforded opportunities, when I am given creative freedom I suppose I feel loved on some level… and appreciated… and there is satisfaction in what I do. I enjoy interacting with my co-workers… feeling like I am part of a community of sorts.
Day 14 – Question 3
How can you move closer to joyfully living your dharma, or life’s purpose?
I can seek out opportunities for more of this positive stuff. I feel I have a higher calling- I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it could be in the same company I work for now… or maybe I need to move on. Right now I feel like I have been blessed to end up there, particularly as I am on sick leave and still have their full support. Time will tell if I am meant to stay there, but even if I move on I will do so with gratitude and lots of friends & fond memories.
Day 14 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
I think I am starting to understand how letting go of my own agenda and trusting more that things will be ok/my needs will be met/I will be presented with the best opportunities for me is the right way to go. Will take me practice to get there!
Day 15

Day 15

Day 15 – Question 1
What is your opinion of coincidences?
I have heard it said that coincidence is “God working anonymously”… and maybe there is truth in that. I can certainly not account for some of the “chance” things that have happened to me, nor where they ended up leading!
Day 15 – Question 2
How often do coincidences occur in your life?
Quite often they come in waves… particularly when I am feeling good/feeling connected to others or when I need extra help. I would say they’ve happened a lot in my life overall.
Day 15 – Question 3
What messages do you contemplate when you experience coincidences?
Well I generally feel grateful… I feel like I am being taken care of somehow. I feel connected.
Day 15 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
A very interesting session! Coincidence is something I have thought about a great deal throughout my life… and something that I have often discussed with friends/my husband.

Day 16

Day 16

Day 16 – Question 1
What are you grateful for in your life?
Pretty much everything to some degree at the moment… it is actually hard for me not to find things to be grateful for, in amongst even the challenging things. I am especially grateful for the gift of this pregnancy and what I have learned from it… and for being blessed with my little boy, who is a joy everyday.
Day 16 – Question 2
When you are in a state of gratitude, what other positive emotions do you feel?
Love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, warmth, connectedness… all positive things!
Day 16 – Question 3
What seemed like a challenge at the time, but is an experience you are grateful for now?
This pregnancy! Even though it is not over yet. And the period prior to my last pregnancy. They are two of the most life-changing and defining experiences of my life as, even though I had not yet received what I wanted and they were times of great challenges, I was able to be grateful for what I had and where I was in the moment. Both pregnancy experiences have taught me so much about myself and life. There are many other things that have been challenging but that I know were great for my soul’s development and that I am thankful for.
Day 16 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
I LOVED this session! I get this!

Day 17

Day 17

Day 17 – Question 1
How do you feel when you wake up each day?
It depends. Sometimes peacefully. Sometimes with a sense of urgency. Recently as I have had so much trouble sleeping at night, if I wake later than I’d like to, I can feel a little anxious. Really it depends on how I am doing.
Day 17 – Question 2
How would your life improve if you lived light-hearted and carefree?
It would improve greatly! I tend to worry too much about things… lots of things and mostly things that don’t really matter. I have unfounded fears about what others think of me. That’s probably the biggest one. Worrying about other people. If I was free of that, I’d be even closer to my true self (and I have never been truer to myself than I am today). It would be wonderful to feel free all the time.
Day 17 – Question 3
How can you shift your awareness to expand the love and joy you feel in your heart right now?
I need to stop listening to the mind chatter! I can do this by practising meditation and by focusing on my own personal growth. I can do this by acknowledging what I am grateful for… and also by sharing and connecting with others despite reservations or insecurities I may have at times.
Day 17 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.

Day 18

Day 18

Day 18 – Question 1
How do you define unity?

Connectedness, belonging, interdependence, togetherness
Day 18 – Question 2
How do you view diversity?

I think of it as something that creates contrast… makes life interesting.
Day 18 – Question 3
In what ways has meditation brought you closer to living unity?

It has given me a way to focus on the fact that I am part of something much bigger than “me”. I believe more and more that I am truly connected to other people, the planet and the universe. The more I see this, the more I want to live a harmonious, balanced, aware and purposeful life… without thought of scarcity, competition, division or any of the things that separate us from each other and our environment.
Day 18 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.

“Be present and genuinely interested in the lives of others when you speak with them today. In your conversations, give your undivided attention and, if you see someone in need, offer your assistance. Fostering these experiences will help you cultivate a deeper understanding of true interconnectedness.” This was an interesting “mindful moment”. I listened to this session on an occasion that was all about unity and connectedness for me. I have been rather physically isolated for much of this pregnancy due to being on sick leave, etc., but recently I decided to “make things happen” for myself and, among many other things, started a crafting circle. Around day 18 of this challenge was the first time I had the girls over for the crafting circle. The theme for the day was Thanksgiving. I thought the girls would probably stay for a couple of hours. They stayed until around 10pm and it was lovely… and the day was about much more than food or crafting.

Day 19

Day 19

Day 19 – Question 1
When do you feel surrounded by love?
It really is when I am feeling connected and grateful. I suppose there are times when I have lots of people expressing their care/love for me and I feel it too… but mostly I think it comes from the inside out rather than the other way around. I am loved ALL the time, so it must be more about my perception/awareness/acknowledgement/acceptance of it than anything.
Day 19 – Question 2
How does being both unconditionally loved and loving make you feel?
Like life has meaning.
Day 19 – Question 3
How do you show your love to others?
I tell them, I listen, I care/acknowledge and respond and invest emotionally in them.
Day 19 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
I actually used this session to guide me in my interactions online too… and it really helped me make an important social decision.

Day 20

Day 20

Day 20 – Question 1
How does luxury appear in your life?
It appears in many forms but right now mostly in quiet moments… a cup of decaf in a quiet lounge room, painting my nails, having a kiss and cuddle with my son at bedtime, having time and space for meditation… At the moment it is the little things.
Day 20 – Question 2
What luxurious gifts do you give yourself?
Time and investment in myself. Taking care of my body, mind and spirit in a variety of ways… from writing and creating, to washing my hair, to doing meditation.
Day 20 – Question 3
In what ways can you add luxury to the lives of others?
Mostly by giving others my time and emotional investment in some way, but in a tangible sense I try to be a good host, I love to entertain (even in a very casual sense), I like to provide good food for friends and family and to share creative/fun experiences with others.
Day 20 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
This was an interesting session to do on this particular day as there was an event for ladies that I almost didn’t attend, but ended up going to. It was nice to dress up to go out and to eat what I fancied… and most of all just to be out and have a nice chat!

Day 21

Day 21

Day 21 – Question 1
How has your life changed since you began the Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Creating Abundance?
I think just making the time for myself to do this has been great… getting in the habit of it. Of course I have also found the sessions relevant to areas in my life that I would like to focus more on. Being aware of mind chatter and also getting small glimpses about what life could be like without it has been good (if not uncomfortable/annoying at times). Overall it has been a very positive experience and something I would like to continue to implement in my daily life.
Day 21 – Question 2
What did you learn that is most important to you?
Probably that in going with the flow and trusting that I will be provided for and guided to where I need to be, I don’t have to perform/struggle/compete. There is enough to go around, I can make time for myself, the possibilities for me and everyone else are unlimited, I can love and accept love unconditionally and I am connected to everyone and everything.
Day 21 – Question 3
Today, what is your definition of abundance?
That there isn’t just enough… that what there is limitless… there is more than enough goodness/love/opportunity, etc. for me and for every soul.
Day 21 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
A positive conclusion to the 21-day challenge.

Day 22- bonus session

Day 22- bonus session

Day 22 – Question 1
In what ways will you live abundantly today?
Following certain small dreams I have for the near future which center around celebrating with friends and family, being loving, practicing gratitude.
Day 22 – Question 2
What would have to happen for you to let go of any belief in scarcity?
I think I need to see the possibilities not just for myself but for others and the world at large.
Day 22 – Question 3
What can you contribute to the healing of the world today?
By not adding to the chaos and negativity I am already doing something, but on a more proactive level, being as kind, loving and generous as I can be helps… and what we do in donating to charity and so on also helps. Monetarily the contributions we can afford to make are small, but the awareness and compassion is vital. By trying to fulfill my soul’s purpose I am contributing, as my soul’s purpose can only be one that benefits not only me but contributes to “the greater good”.
Day 22 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
I like this session, but the music made me feel a bit teary! Perhaps it was the message also… or that combined with pregnancy hormones and tiredness! I feel a bit sad that the challenge is over… and I hope to continue to do some form of meditation practice daily from now on… I really feel I have such a long way to go, but that even 15 minutes a day helps me in “the now”.


9 thoughts on “THE CHOPRA CENTER 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE (Creating Abundance- my experiences, part 3)

    • Oh, thanks :)! So glad you’ve had such a positive experience with it too! Are you going to continue with a daily meditation practice? Any thoughts about purchasing the program? All the best 🙂

  1. Meditation, and the enormous benefits are so rewarding it seems impossible that many don’t take the time to enjoy. Yet, it also takes a willingness to do battle with the mind that constantly wants to be doing. I’m so pleased that you’ve ventured into this delightful aspect of life; it can only serve you well… All the best to you… 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting. I too did most of the 21 day meditation challenge. I find meditation enormously beneficial. Have you continued the meditation practice each day after the challenge?

    • I really loved the 21 day challenge… it was so easy to follow as well! After it was over we decided to purchase the set of 66 meditations for download. I am not following them in any particular order, but I am doing one practice everyday still. I know I could dedicate more time and effort to meditation (and no doubt receive the benefits), but right now I feel this is a great starting place. All the best to you with your practice too! 🙂

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