HANDMADE GREETING CARD (made with “scrapbooky” stuff)

Every year, without fail, my dear cousin in Australia (who is an avid scrapbooker) sends me a birthday card, homemade with love. Despite this being an annual occurrence, in 2004 I was both touched and surprised when a card arrived from my cousin… surprised because her premature twin boys (born at 24 weeks) were struggling to survive in the NICU at that time, she was suffering through extreme hardship/distress and yet she still remembered my birthday and took the time to make and send me a card. This memory has resurfaced recently as, due to my diagnosis, I have faced the fear of the possibility of going into preterm labour myself. And having done research about it, talked more to my cousin about her experiences, met other women online who have delivered babies prematurely and become a March of Dimes* and Bliss* supporter myself, I am just starting to grasp the magnitude of what my cousin went through. And it makes that card she sent me all those years ago all the more special. This year I decided to face my scrapbook fears and buy a kit to make her a card for her birthday. I went to possibly the most well-known craft chain here, Panduro, and purchased the only non-Christmas themed card kit available (yes, I was entirely limited in my options!). It is called Sweet Owl and is a decidedly girly kit, with cutesy owl elements in pink and chocolate-brown and sparkly details that would appeal to little ones. I wanted to create something a little more sophisticated for my cousin, so I chose from the pack some simple floral embellishments and two contrasting patterned papers for a simple background. I added one diamante for a tiny element of bling (didn’t want to overdo it). I am really quite pleased with the result as, for a first attempt, I don’t thinks it’s too shabby.

My first attempt at a “scrapbooky” kind of greeting card

A little bling detail

Floral embellishment

The Sweet Owl kit is good value at 159 SEK (approximately 23 USD) for an absolute beginner like myself who has no stockpile of scrapbooking papers, stickers, embellishments, etc. on hand.

It contains:
4 x A4 designer papers
4 x A4 plain coloured backing papers
1 x A5 die cut chipboards
1 x pack peel-off stickers (silver)
8 x A6 white cards and envelopes
1 x pack adhesive foam squares
1 x pack stick-on diamantes (various colours)
1 x sheet glitter alphabet stickers

Essentially the only other things you’ll need are scissors and glue. And that works out at less than 20 SEK per card with, no doubt, crafting materials left over! Pretty thrifty, huh? 😉

*For those of you who are interested, this Saturday November 17 is World Prematurity Day and March of Dimes and Bliss are campaigning to raise awareness. Perhaps you would like to check out the March of Dimes Facebook page or consider contributing to Bliss via Saif’s Precious Star Fund. Or maybe you’d like to take a moment to visit one of these blogs, written by brave mothers who have firsthand experience with prematurity:


12 thoughts on “HANDMADE GREETING CARD (made with “scrapbooky” stuff)

  1. It’s beautiful. See …. YOU CAN DO IT! I have been making home made cards for years now …. and you have given me inspiration. I taught my daughters to make cards for relatives when they were young. My oldest home schools her three kids and has become the “craftiest” Mama I have ever seen, even more than me. She always makes cards with a special touch and she’s an avid Pinterester ….. she’s the one that got me hooked on it. My favorite one is the ones with their hand and foot prints.

    • Oh, thanks so much 🙂 How lovely that you taught your card making daughters too… and that your oldest is passing on her skills. I bet you have gorgeous momentos of your grandchildren! xx

  2. Well done! Beautiful card. I love making my own cards when I can but they are usually very simple little efforts. Still fun though.

    • Thank you very much :)! It is rather fun, isn’t it? I am thinking about setting aside a day to make some in preparation for Christmas… we’ll see. All the best to you 🙂

  3. So beautiful!! And you’re right that was amazing of your cousin to remember and create even when she was going through so much! I think creating and crafting is therapeutic though and gets your mind off of everything else!

    • How lovely of you 🙂 Yes, she’s a pretty amazing person, I must say! And I agree that crafting (or creating in general) is therapeutic… it has been for me too. All the best to you and yours xx

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