THE CHOPRA CENTER 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE (Creating Abundance- my experiences)

Whilst browsing around on a couple of weeks ago, I came across an invitation from Deepak Chopra:

Please join me on November 5 for a three-week, daily guided meditation journey to an authentic abundance consciousness. If you wish to attract more goodness into your life in the form of comfort and ease, peace, joy, love—anything you desire—I encourage you to register now for the all-new Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™,Creating Abundance.

It’s free to participate and I’ll be your guide each day as we discover and leverage the secrets to attract abundance of all kinds in to our lives through the power of meditation.

Please give yourself this gift with infinite benefits and sign up today. I look forward to a miraculous three weeks together!

Something that I heard Deepak say during my recent dark days of anxiety and bed rest resonated with me very strongly… and was a beacon of hope in the midst of extreme worry and sadness. He said “You can believe the diagnosis, but don’t believe the prognosis.” That one short sentence had a profound effect on me and soon after hearing it I became determined to turn my thinking and my health around. I looked into Transcendental Meditation, but attending classes when you’re on strict bed rest is clearly out of the question. And the cost involved in the learning process was too great a burden with me being on sick leave and expecting another baby. So I searched for free visualisations online and came across the Fragrant Heart site, which features short, succinct and specific guided meditations for a variety of purposes, including healing. I truly believed they helped my healing process… if only in the sense of calming me down and making me feel like I was doing something pro-active with my time to help my condition.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I am now signed up for and participating in the Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Creating Abundance. Each day I log into my account to be presented with a “centering thought” for the day and an easy 15 minute meditation program that supports that thought. After completing the meditation, participants are encouraged to answer some questions based on personal experiences and write a simple reflection in an online journal. I must admit that I am not satisfied with the results I am having so far (as is evident in my journal), despite knowing that this program is extremely beneficial. I am having what you might call an “off” week, emotionally speaking. Pregnancy hormones/symptoms combined with unaddressed concerns/anxieties rising to the surface, have meant very late nights, feelings of frustration, more “mind chatter” than normal and the feeling of being on the verge of tears multiple times over the past few days. I will persevere with this, however, as I do believe that if I can just let go, I will “get” whatever I am meant to from this experience. For the record, my husband and a couple of girlfriends are undertaking the challenge too. I believe the girls are feeling energised by the experience and I know that my husband says he feels fantastic after doing the exercises… so obviously my current frustration is truly my own.

The remainder of this post is a copy from my online journal plus daily “centering thoughts”:

Day 1

Day 1 – Question 1
What does abundance mean to you?

Gratitude for what I have in my life today Knowing there is “enough to go around” and that I am enough. Connectedness. Feeling fulfilled.
Day 1 – Question 2
In what areas of your life do you feel most abundant?
Motherhood/pregnancy. Creative expression (in many forms). Interactions with friends and family.
Day 1 – Question 3
What would make you feel more abundant in all areas of your life?
Being able to give and express more! More compassion, more charity, more love and more creativity.
Day 1 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
It was good but I was worried about being disturbed by my son coming home with my in-laws and a little frustrated about not knowing how/when this meditation challenge was supposed to get underway. Overall, it was good though.

Day 2

Day 2 – Question 1
What do you believe is the source of abundance?
The universe/God/love/”something” greater than me.
Day 2 – Question 2
What do you feel limits abundance in your life?
My thinking… the limits I create.
Day 2 – Question 3
How can you remove any obstacles in your consciousness that stand between you and an abundant life?
Meditate more, follow my heart, have more faith and courage… get out of my own way.
Day 2 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
I found it frustrating. Thoughts trailing off a bit… wasn’t sure if I was doing things right or “getting” it.

Day 3

Day 3 – Question 1
Do you live your life from a place of abundance or lack?
Sometimes one, sometimes the other I think.
Day 3 – Question 2
What messages about abundance did you receive in your childhood?
There was a lot that seemed possible. When I was little I felt that if I could dream something, I could do it. I am not sure where that message came from, nor when I stopped entirely believing it.
Day 3 – Question 3
What new expectations for a rich and abundant life can you create right now?
I need to truly believe that there is enough to go around. That someone’s having doesn’t mean my lacking and vice versa. I want to believe again in unlimited possibilities for my life, health, wellbeing and for the betterment of the planet!
Day 3 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.
Again I found myself drifting off… It was as though I could almost touch this concept, but not quite. Frustrating.

Day 4

Day 4 – Question 1
How do you know when you are immersed in pure consciousness?
I suppose you feel free/whole/fulfilled/connected!
Day 4 – Question 2
In what ways can you bring that awareness into your everyday life?
Focusing on the now and realising that the past and future do not exist. Not paying attention to the chatter in my mind.
Day 4 – Question 3
How has meditation helped you connect with your pure consciousness?
It has at times, through stillness… but right now I am struggling. It is not how I thought it would be. I feel I am dragging up more than I am letting go.
Day 4 – Journal
Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.

Tough. Wish I could connect. Saw more of my own limits than abundance. Frustrating. I feel teary!

… That’s it so far! I’ll add more as the days go by. And hopefully have more favourable things to report 😉

6 thoughts on “THE CHOPRA CENTER 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE (Creating Abundance- my experiences)

    • Oh, thanks so much for the encouragement! I feel I have a very long way to go, but “progress, not perfection” as they say 😉 The very best to you and yours, lovely x

  1. You’re so brave to write so publicly about your feelings. You are such a pro-active positive person in that if you think something isn’t right you actively work to fix it. Go easy on yourself – you are already full of compassion and enlightenment 🙂 I hope you feel better soon x

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