MY FIRST ETSY PURCHASE (AKA just in the nick of time!)

Keeping this Halloween post short and sweet…
My first Etsy purchase arrived two days ago (yes, I am an Etsy baby)! It’s something I have strangely coveted since seeing it on Pinterest this time last year, hence putting its purchase on my Project Pinterest to-do list. I was already starting to get “clucky” back then and hoped that, during Halloween 2012, I’d be happily pregnant and wearing it.

Well, as you can see it’s Halloween 2012, I’m happily pregnant and wearing it!

Rib Cage & Baby Skeleton Maternity T-Shirt (and 26+ weeks pregnant belly)

T-shirt available at: (excellent, prompt service, by the way… and both my husband and I were extremely impressed with the quality of the print on the t-shirt)

Visiting trick-or-treaters, just before they stuck their tongues out and made off with their candy loot!

Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating :)!

10 thoughts on “MY FIRST ETSY PURCHASE (AKA just in the nick of time!)

  1. Aw, thank you! 🙂
    Yes, I was very excited that we got some little ones popping round for candy! Halloween is new-ish here and not that many people celebrate. But for me any excuse to bake and dress up is an occasion worth getting into in some fashion 😉

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