When I was little there was a commercial on television for Nutella where the kids sang “Aaaaah, Nutella! We always say yes to Nutella!”. Even as an adult, I have to agree with that statement. Although we rarely buy Nutella, when we do it tends to disappear fast! A couple of years ago I discovered an organic supermarket brand of chocolate hazelnut spread, so of course I prefer this alternative (it’s cheaper too!).

The recipe (found whilst browsing Pintrest hot chocolate images) is near on perfect, especially as the days grow darker and colder. Another one of my Project Pinterest must-do’s that got done!

“Aaaaah, Nutella!”… and in hot chocolatey form! Who wouldn’t say “yes”?

2 servings

500 ml milk
5 tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread (by all means use Nutella!)
2 tbsp cocoa
Tiny pinch of salt


  1. Whisk all ingredients together in a medium sauce pan over medium heat,  until well blended and hot.
  2. Pour into cups/glasses and top with sweetened whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate.


1 cup whipping cream
2 tbsp icing sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract


Whip all ingredients together until cream is thickened.

*Marshmallows are optional, but of course I used them! I am bad like that.
*This can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator in glass bottles, ready to pour, heat and serve when guests arrive!

6 thoughts on “NUTELLA HOT CHOCOLATE (AKA I’m terrible!)

  1. Omg. This. Sounds. Amazing. I had some suuuuper incredibly thick hot chocolate in Paris one time that was like drinking melted chocolate. This sounds like it would come awfully close, but totally taken to the next level with the hazelnut flavor!!! I cannot WAIT to try.

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