Ok, so I have officially been using Pinterest for a year now and despite 396 pins thus far and over two dozen boards, until yesterday I had yet to make even one pinned recipe or complete a single DIY/craft project. It is one thing to simply collect images and ideas that momentarily make you feel happy, and quite another to transform inspiration into something tangible. So, feeling rather motivated (I blame nesting hormones combined with the arrival of my husband’s birthday!), I decided to set myself some weekly challenges whereby I repin a few Pinterest projects from existing boards and actually try to complete them within the week! So far, so good. In two days I have completed 5 of the projects on my ‘Week 1’ challenge board (which is really like an illustrated to-do list):

• A pop-up card for my husband
• A blueberry Danish
• Stuffed, baked ciabatta rolls
• Nutella hot chocolate (oh dear!)
• Glitter French manicure with new Essie breast cancer awareness nail polish shade We’re in it together

Project Pinterest- week 1 of the challenge!

12 thoughts on “PROJECT PINTEREST (AKA Just do it!)

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  2. Good for you! I admire that you are actually doing some projects. That’s more than I have done. Although every time I look at my recipes I swear I am going to make those to-die-for-brownies or gooey caramel squares, but haven’t as yet.

    • Thank you! I don’t know if I would have had the boost of motivation to get started had I not found myself a little stir crazy after an extended period of bed rest. As soon as the doctors gave me permission to start doing things around the house again, the nesting instinct took over and it’s been hard to look back since 😉 Do share your brownie/caramel squares pics when you get around to baking them 🙂 All the best!

  3. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your pintrest account? I would love to follow you on there! Sidenote: look up Chocolate Covered Katie, she blogs all of her vegan recipes, mostly decadent chocolate yummies!

  4. I had a similar thought a while back. I started feeling guilty I was pinning so much and barely doing any of them. So, I have since made it a goal to try and keep up with what I post. If I notice I’m pinning and not creating then I know it’s time to stop pinning.

  5. I’ve been on Pinterest for a while now and have a boxful of craft supplies to show for it. Because of time constraints, I haven’t been able to start, let alone complete. Your post has inspired me, so perhaps I should schedule myself to finish at least ONE this week 🙂

    • Oh, that’s great 🙂 I have found that setting goals and blogging about different projects has really given me the extra boost of motivation I needed. All the best with your projects 🙂

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