1. To be able to run 30 minutes on the treadmillI actually beat this by a few minutes not long after setting this target.
  2. To do yoga/pilates once a weekum, let’s just say this wasn’t quite so successful (but I am making up for it now with 2-3 sessions of yoga/body balance/pilates per week in Australia!).
  3. To cut back on caffeinemy efforts here have waxed and waned somewhat, but I know I can do it… if that counts for anything!
  4. To cut back on sugarOk, this went completely out the window with Halloween/Lucia/Christmas preparations… A complete and total failure!
  5. To progress through as many levels as possible of the vibration training programsMade it to the most advanced bracket of the training programs and was extremely consistent with this training. Yay! Finally, something to be proud of!
  6. To say farewell to the last kilos of post-baby weightTechnically I have done this, although I’d like to shift a couple more! 
  7. To have a range of beauty services done; haircut, facials, the whole shebang!This I have done (I discovered the wonders of microdermabrasion, among other things), but the hair needs updating… again!
  8. To make some time in my day for meditation/affirmations/relaxationYou know, this was (and is) the most challenging thing of all. My efforts were… rubbish. Why is it so hard to make time to just be?
  9. To drink lots of water (more than “usual”)Sometimes good with this, sometimes bad, I’m ashamed to say!
  10. To be as healthy, happy and relaxed as possible come mid-DecemberActually, overall this was achieved! Not only was I in good form after arriving in Australia after 32 hours of travel from Stockholm, but my baby was also in great spirits; cheerful despite teething, time differences and huge climate adjustments to make. I can’t help but think that the fact that I was happy and relaxed contributed to his feelings of security and overall well-being. As a mum, that feels wonderful.


The month and a half we’ve spent so far in Australia has seen me joining a local gym, trying lots of different classes (ones that my gym in Stockholm does not offer), eating somewhat less “stodgily” (on good days!) and getting a little more naturally sourced vitamin D (via actual sunshine!) than I otherwise would have received back in Scandinavia. So on the whole, despite MANY health and lifestyle improvements I admit I have yet to make, I am feeling rather good. And feeling good, after all, is my ultimate goal!


3 thoughts on “PRE-CHRISTMAS SHAPE-UP: the results

  1. I also have a challenge like this for myself. I have made a promise to myself to yoga twice a week (managed to do this for 6 weeks, then had to go to US for a funeral, starting up again on Monday), start jogging-walking at least twice a week (haven’t managed the jogging part yet but doing the walking) and to eat more veggies (doing that)… partly to lose weight and lower blood pressure and partly because I am tired of being a couch potato. 🙂

    • Good luck with your plans and efforts, Kim! Sounds like we’re on the same track 🙂 I hope your trip to the US was ok and that you are feeling fine. All the best to you! 😀

      • So far, so good–though being in the US and having people stuff me with food didn’t really help. Still, I took long walks every day and drank lots of water, did a bit of yoga thanks to a yoga class on TV. Now I have to get back into my normal routine. 🙂

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