As you will no doubt see below, there is no “challenge” for me about going vegan thus far, hence my use of the word “adventure” instead. My goals during this week are to experiment with vegan cooking, try exciting vegan products and, long-term, to cut back on animal products and eat even more consciously than I already do. As I still had non-vegan leftovers in the fridge, my one-week Vegan Adventure started with a trip to Goodstore (purveyors of fine vegetarian and organic products) and my afternoon snack; a Nakd cocoa orange bar. I first came across these when I was pregnant and buying most of my super-healthy (and rather pricey) work lunches from Blueberry Lifestyle. These lovely little bars are cold-pressed, raw and free from added sugar, gluten, wheat and dairy (guilt-free enjoyment for chocolate lovers or “sweet teeth”). Dinner was my super simple veggie chilli (made with Santa Maria Vegetarian Taco Mix), served with a mixed green salad, Coop organic tomato salsa, lemon wedges, steamed rice and a handful of organic corn chips. For dessert we enjoyed TofuLine’s  blueberry ice-cream and a small piece of lovely Plamil organic vegan dark mint chocolate. Does it sound like we’re making a sacrifice here? 😉

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